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If you happen to wander around the city for a bit or if you have lived here for a while you will start to notice one specific thing about the Czech Republic. The country and its fine fellow countrymen are having a love affair with their dogs. That’s right! Czechs will seem at times even more affectionate with their dogs than with their children. Miniature, medium and massive furry friends are welcome in the majority of Prague’s bars, parks, restaurants, pet stores, you name it, Fido’s welcome! And it doesn’t stop with dogs. Rats, ferrets, rabbits and more, it is possible to see people in the park trying to walk all of their furry friends, whether they were meant for leashes and collars or not! All this undivided attention and love towards animals has made Prague a haven for the four legged ones, making pet friendly Prague a mecca for animal lovers themselves. Where else can you drink the world’s best beer with your pet sitting next to you in a pub? You can even find the occasional luxury dog boutique selling top quality products for man’s best friend. Here at Prague-Stay we wish to provide you with up-to-date, fashionable and wise shopping tips and services concerning your little best friends.