Health and Beauty in Prague and the Czech Republic

If you are searching for health and beauty services in the capital city of Prague or in the fairy tale countryside of the Czech Republic, look no further than our comprehensive list of all things beauty. Have a look at our comprehensive list of medical centers in Prague, hair and beauty salons in Prague, spas and wellness centers in the city and in the Czech Republic, plus yoga and Pilates classes. 

  • Spas and Wellness Centers in Prague Spas and Wellness Centers in Prague and the Czech Republic

    After a long day of sightseeing, what could be better than relaxing or rejuvenating at a top Prague spa? The city of Prague features many fine spa establishments, the majority of spas and wellness centers in Prague being situated in 4 or 5-star hotels that are located in the beautiful city center. These top European spas feature all of the classic spa treatments with top-of-the-line cosmetics, plus much more. If you wish for total rejuvenation you may want to travel outside of the capital as the Czech Republic is famous for its world-class spas that feature natural spring wells with...

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  • Yoga and Pilates in Prague Yoga and Pilates in Prague

    Yoga is an art and science that heals and strengthens your body, mind and soul. Yoga relaxes, heals, stretches and strengthens your skeletal, digestive, cardio-vascular, muscular, nervous and glandular systems through different yoga poses. Combined with specific breathing skills and meditation, yoga helps your clear mind with increased alertness and concentration. The result is an overall balanced, relaxed and clear body, mind and soul. If you are searching for yoga or pilates studios or classes in Prague, you are in luck for the art and science that is yoga and pilates are extremely popular here in the capital city of...

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  • Thai Massage Centers in Prague Thai Massage Centers in Prague

    There is a wide range of centers offering Thai massages in Prague as Thai massage has become quite popular with tourists and locals of the capital city alike. The ancient art of Thai massage dates back to many moons ago. The origins are a bit of a mystery, however it is known that elements of Indian Ayurvedic and ancient Chinese medicine are found in Thai massage as well as disciplines from Yoga and Buddhism. Thai massage is beneficial not only for the physical body but also for positive mentality and clarity of the soul. Thai massage is a sacred practice...

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  • Hair Studios | Beauty Salons Hair Studios and Beauty Salons in Prague

    Prague offers numerous hair studios and beauty salons and so it may not be that easy to choose the one that will suit you best. Our aim is to make your choice easier and present to you the best beauty salons and hair studios in Prague. Professional hairstylists with experience from abroad will create an amazing hairstyle for you whether your hair is straight, fine or curly and recommend the ideal color or highlights for your hair. If your hair is shorter and you do not want to wait for several months for it to grow longer, have your hair...

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  • Cosmetic and Perfume Shops in Prague Cosmetic and Perfume Boutiques in Prague

    If you are searching for luxury cosmetic and perfume boutiques in the city of Prague, you will find a wealth of information here at Prague-Stay. We provide our top recommendations of Prague cosmetic shops and Prague perfume boutiques, which you can find listed below. Prague features the best of the best, like any European capital including such world famous brands as Estee Lauder, Clinique, M.A.C. and more plus worldwide chains such as Sephora and Marionnaud Parfumeries. The world of beauty is at your fingertips in the charming city of Prague.  

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  • Prague Barbershops Barbershops in Prague

    Traditional style barbershops are popping up all over Prague to the delight of male clientele. The comeback of the barbershop is a welcome thing as it is a place where men can happily be pampered, relax and enjoy male camaraderie. Of course, the real draw to the barbershop are the first-rate services from the experienced barbers including attractive haircuts, hot shaves & beard trims. The barbershops – inspired by the First Republic era - are handsome places themselves and boast a strong masculine look with a lot of dark wooden elements, leather chairs, and of course the iconic striped barber...

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  • Medical Centers in Prague Medical Centers in Prague

    The city of Prague offers a good selection of family orientated medical centers that feature multilingual staff members and experienced doctors. Here at Prague-Stay we wish to recommend to you only the best medical and dental services the city of Prague has to offer, which is why we provide our list of preferred Prague medical centers. Our comprehensive list of medical centers in Prague is complete with descriptions; maps and photos to better serve you.      

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