Medical Centers in Prague

The city of Prague offers a good selection of family orientated medical centers that feature multilingual staff members and experienced doctors. Here at Prague-Stay we wish to recommend to you only the best medical and dental services the city of Prague has to offer, which is why we provide our list of preferred Prague medical centers. Our comprehensive list of medical centers in Prague is complete with descriptions; maps and photos to better serve you.




  • Malvazinky Castle Clinic | Prague Malvazinky Castle Clinic

    The Malvazinky Castle Clinic is a medical facility in Prague's Malvazinky that provides above-standard outpatient medical care in a wide range of specializations. If you want the best medical care for yourself and your family, take advantage of any of clinic's programs that will ensure you treatment by the best experts. The clinic offers a personal approach, appointments without long or unnecessary waiting periods and state-of-the-art facilities. You can enjoy medical care in the following specializations: general practitioner, internal medicine,...

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  • Medicover | Medical Clinics in Prague Medicover

    Located in Prague 4 and Prague 8, Swedish owned Medicover is part of an international health group with locations in the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. The private health care system is one of the only medical organizations in the Czech Republic that operates on an international level while also boasting a branch in Brno. Because of Medicover’s international reputation they are often first choice among corporations and individual clients. The fixed fee health care system provides health...

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    The private CARE MEDICO clinic offers high-standard medical care in the fields of dentistry and gynecology, as well as offer the services of a quality dental laboratory in Prague. Within its three departments DENT MEDICO, GYN MEDICO and MEDICO LAB, the clinic provides medical care to entire families and other clients. The clinic's patients, among whom are many Czech celebrities, have at their disposal modern consultation rooms, a comfortable environment, nice staff, and maximum comfort and discretion during treatment. Services...

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  • Young & Co. | Prague Medical Center Young & Co.

    Young & Co. is a private practice dedicated to providing the best quality care possible to all patients. Young & Co. originally started out as a medical center caring only for Czech nationals with public health insurance, however, the demand for English speaking care has grown over the years so Young & Co. decided to expand. All of the professionally trained doctors at Young & Co. are fluent in English; however as they are still expanding only certain nurses speak...

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  • Unicare Medical Center | Prague Unicare Medical Center

    Established in 1994, Unicare Medical Center is the first multilingual, private health facility in the Czech Republic, providing complex medical care for whole families. Thanks to the excellent language skills of the doctors and nurses, the center presents the perfect solution for the international community in Prague as well as for short-term foreign visitors. The medical care of the Unicare Medical Center comprises major medical specialties, including general practitioners, paediatricians and dentists, alongside with a wide range of other specialties,...

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  • Polyclinic at Národní | Doctors Polyclinic at Národní

    The Polyclinic medical center is the oldest private clinic in Prague. Founded by Martin Jan Stranský, MD, the Polyclinic serves as the base for 20 physicians, all of which are fluent in the English language and also hold academic and clinical positions in Prague’s leading teaching hospitals. Martin Jan Stranský, MD holds certifications from the United States and is also an assistant clinical professor at Yale University. Conveniently located in the city center, The Polyclinic at Národní offers basic, preventative...

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  • Erpet Medical Center | Prague | Dental Hygiene Erpet Medical Center

    Most people think of going to the dentist as something unpleasant and something they keep postponing until it is too late and look at with various levels of fear. Erpet Medical Center is trying to change this negative reputation of dental surgeries. The design interior of this medical center has a soothing and relaxing feel and the staff is not only highly professional but also helpful, caring and multilingual. The concept behind this medical center is maximum comfort and utmost...

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