Thai Massage Centers in Prague

There is a wide range of centers offering Thai massages in Prague as Thai massage has become quite popular with tourists and locals of the capital city alike. The ancient art of Thai massage dates back to many moons ago. The origins are a bit of a mystery, however it is known that elements of Indian Ayurvedic and ancient Chinese medicine are found in Thai massage as well as disciplines from Yoga and Buddhism. Thai massage is beneficial not only for the physical body but also for positive mentality and clarity of the soul. Thai massage is a sacred practice that is widely used in Thailand today for its healing benefits. Qualified Thai massage therapists learn their sacred craft or gift one could say, usually in Thai monasteries. Body massages as well as foot massages are the most popular massage services requested with Thai massage. A full Thai body massage is good for ones physical and mental health while a Thai foot massage improves circulation while removing toxins from ones body. A Thai foot massage also improves sleep and reduces stress, something that everyone needs this day in age. There are many Thai massage centers in Prague with the majority of them being conveniently located in the charming Prague city center. If you are searching for a Thai massage in Prague, please have a look at our recommendations for Prague Thai massage centers, listed below.

  • Sabai Thai Massage | Traditional Massage Sabai Thai Massage Centers

    If you are searching for a top quality Thai massage in Prague, look no further than the Sabai Thai Massage Centers. Traditional Thai massage has been practised for over 1,000 years and Sabai Thai Massage holds to this precious tradition today, a tradition called precious because of its positive effect on your body and its calming and invigorating effect on your soul. Thai massage removes fatigue, nerve strain and muscle convulsions while stimulating blood and lymphatic flow and makes joints,...

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  • Planet Zen | Praha Planet Zen

    If you wish to clarify your body, mind and soul, head straight over to Planet Zen! Planet Zen not only offers the best of the best Balinese and Thai massages in Prague but they also advertize that they are the guardians of your balance! Planet Zen offers a large variety of massages and treatments including traditional Thai massage, foot massage, Bali Coconut massage, the Paradiso treatment (in a steam box sauna), pregnancy massage, the Bali Blossom treatment (Balinese oil massage...

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  • Mystic Temple | Prague Mystic Temple

    Located in the center or Prague is Mystic Temple, a wellness center dedicated to helping you find your inner balance and harmony. Mystic Temple features an exotic and soothing Thai atmosphere where you can simply relax on your why to your inner self. By receiving a variety of wellness treatments at Mystic Temple that include among other things rest, relaxation and the replenishing of lost energy you will be able to open your heart and soul to a new positive...

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  • Nam Jai | Massage Centers in Prague Nam Jai

    Located in the historic Old Town district of Prague is Nam Jai. At Nam Jai you can receive both Thai massages and Indian massages, both well known for their physical and mental benefits. Thai massage boasts such effects on body, mind and soul including the stimulation of energy flow, the increase of flexibility and vitality, stress and physical tension release and much more. Thai massage is performed by professionally trained massage therapists who perform Thai massage by moving clients into...

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  • Gold Hand Thai Massage Gold Hand Thai Massage

    Seeking an oasis for the body and soul in this pulsating city? If so, pay a visit to the Gold Hand Thai Massage wellness salon, located in Hotel International in Prague’s Dejvice district. It’s no secret that a proper massage has many beneficial effects for both the body and mind. So, if you are looking for complete relief and relaxation, nothing is better than the hands of a skilled masseur and a pleasant environment. You can experience perfect relaxation at...

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  • Thai World | Prague Thai World

    Thai World has three locations in Prague, two in the historic center of Prague and one in the residential area of Letna. Thai World is where you can go to relax, unwind and boast your energy level through the ancient art of Thai massage. Thai massage has many beneficial effects, as it is both energizing and rigorous than other forms of massage, such as classic Swedish massage. Thai massage is also referred to as Thai yoga massage as the massage...

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  • Thai Fit | Prague Thai Fit

    Massage is the perfect antidote for stress and is known to have many beneficial effects both physically and mentally. It is for these reasons that Thai Fit welcomes you to their professional Thai wellness center where you can be pampered and relax, unwind and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. At Thai Fit you can enjoy authentic and traditional Thai massage from certified and experienced Thai massage therapists that look forward to treating your mind and body. Thai Fit classic...

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  • Tawan Thai Massage Centers | Prague Tawan Thai Massage Centers

    The word Tawan means sun in the Thai language. Tawan Thai Massage Centers aim to bring the sun back into your life so you fully regain the light from within; a light that coexists only in a relaxed and completely healed body and soul. Under the healing rays of Tawan let your physical and mental worries melt away! Tawan Thai Massage Centers offer a variety of massages and services in a pleasant and comfortable environment that features exotic elements of...

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  • Thai Sun | Prague Thai Sun

    Thai Sun is located in the heart of Prague’s Old Town on Spalena Street. If you suffer from back pain or simply need to relax, head over to Thai Sun where you can start the invigorating path to inner balance in your mind, body and soul. Thai massage is known for having many positive effects on your health both mentally and physically, so why not invest some much needed time on yourself and your health, the most important thing in...

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