Barbershops in Prague

Traditional style barbershops are popping up all over Prague to the delight of male clientele. The comeback of the barbershop is a welcome thing as it is a place where men can happily be pampered, relax and enjoy male camaraderie. Of course, the real draw to the barbershop are the first-rate services from the experienced barbers including attractive haircuts, hot shaves & beard trims. The barbershops – inspired by the First Republic era - are handsome places themselves and boast a strong masculine look with a lot of dark wooden elements, leather chairs, and of course the iconic striped barber pole. Practice the art of manliness and get that beard trimmed properly in Prague!

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    Are you thinking about what to do with your appearance? Do you wish for a more elegant and stylish look? Would you like to have your beard trimmed into a neat shape or to get a whole new style with some daring elements, such as a distinctive hair color, a mustache or a hair tattoo? Should any of those options interest you then you should pay a visit to BarberLand – where a whole team of professional barbers are waiting...

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