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There is a wide range of centers offering Thai massages in Prague as Thai massage has become quite popular with tourists and locals of the capital city alike. The ancient art of Thai massage dates back to many moons ago. The origins are a bit of a mystery, however it is known that elements of Indian Ayurvedic and ancient Chinese medicine are found in Thai massage as well as disciplines from Yoga and Buddhism. Thai massage is beneficial not only for the physical body but also for positive mentality and clarity of the soul. Thai massage is a sacred practice that is widely used in Thailand today for its healing benefits. Qualified Thai massage therapists learn their sacred craft or gift one could say, usually in Thai monasteries. Body massages as well as foot massages are the most popular massage services requested with Thai massage. A full Thai body massage is good for ones physical and mental health while a Thai foot massage improves circulation while removing toxins from ones body. A Thai foot massage also improves sleep and reduces stress, something that everyone needs this day in age. There are many Thai massage centers in Prague with the majority of them being conveniently located in the charming Prague city center. If you are searching for a Thai massage in Prague, please have a look at our recommendations for Prague Thai massage centers, listed below.