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It is a little known fact that the city of Prague makes a lot of money based on tourism and it is easy to understand why. People are drawn to the Golden City for many reasons, the city is simply put, beautiful and offers plenty of sightseeing options, some of them brilliant and some of them just plain tourist traps. It is our wish at Prague-Stay to offer a comprehensive list of sightseeing tourist traps so you can skip all these meaningless places and try to experience the real, authentic Prague.

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  • Prague Tourist Traps The Royal Way

    Prague’s busiest and most touristy road leading from Old Town Square to the Gothic Charles Bridge is full of the same shops selling the same stuff. The trick is to be careful. If you want to take home with you traditional Czech goods, you should look further away from these stores (although the overabundance you will see of glassware, crystal, and garnets are in fact, Czech). Steer clear from the shops selling Slavic goods unless you want to take home...

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  • Sex Machines Museum | Prague Sex Machines Museum

    The name speaks for itself. In the center of Prague on a very beautiful yet misused cobblestone lane leading from Wenceslas Square to Old Town Square is yet another tourist trap, but this one showcases the history of a variety of sex machines. It is a bit much that the museum is in plain view for all to see with some machines on display, especially for children who will perhaps in the future connect the Sex Machines Museum with the old...

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  • Prague's Wax Museum | Tourist Traps Wax Museum Prague

    Located in Old Town on Melantrichova Street is Prague’s Wax Museum, the first of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. Now, I don’t know about you, but I generally tend to stay away from this type of museum. I don’t know why, but maybe it is the general creepiness factor. The point is, is that there are many other worthwhile things you can spend 120kc on in Prague, for example, the Museum of Czech Cubism located down the road,...

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  • Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments | Prague Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments

    You know this one. Every European city has one, maybe even two. And if you have seen one, then you have seen them all. The Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments in Prague is exactly the same as all the others, consisting of cobwebs, plastic skeletons, beheading devices, chastity belts, head crushers, and the like. So unless you really are into the history of torture instruments then I would stay far away from this flop. The sad reality about these types...

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  • Prague Tours and Excursions Prague Tours and Excursions

    There are many city tours and excursions to choose from in Prague. While you are walking through Old Town you will see kiosks a plenty offering tours of the city and day trips outside of Prague. It seems to be in your best interest that you just keep on walking…all the way to the train station where you can purchase tickets to your destination for a lot less, or straight to a bookstore with an English section (Neo Luxor, The...

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  • Vltava River Cruises | Prague Tourist Traps Vltava River Cruises

    Prague is very picturesque with its many bridges crossing the flowing Vltava, but beware, when going on a river cruise on the Vltava you will only cross under a few bridges. The large boats are only allowed to go so far until the captain must turn around and go in a circle. If you wish to see Prague by boat, it would be better to rent a paddleboat on a sunny day and relax on the Vltava with a packed...

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  • Prague's Ghost Museums | Tourist Traps Ghost Museum Mysteriae Pragensis

    Normally, I would be all about a ghost museum, but it is not necessary in the city of Prague. I would recommend buying a book about Prague legends and myths, a whole variety of which can be found at any tourist shop in town and going on your own walking tour at night. It would be much creepier. And less expensive…and you can keep the book forever! If you however, have children interested in the supernatural and you do not...

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