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While you wander around the lovely city of Prague, you may start to notice the overabundance of currency exchange offices. This is just one example of a service establishment that capitalizes on naïve tourists daily. The majority of these offices are betting on ripping you off, as are certain taxi services and many more establishments. If you wish to be an informed tourist that cannot be ripped off, please read on.

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  • Prague Václav Havel Airport Václav Havel Airport Prague

    It is no secret that many airports are overpriced. Instead of spending time at the Václav Havel Airport, we suggest you walk right on past those airport bars, currency exchange offices and certain taxi stands (although AAA Taxi is a trustworthy, reputable company). And if you are heading out of Prague, walk quickly by the Czech glass shops, bars and restaurants (that have awful food and service to match) and head off to your destination! If you happen to be...

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  • Currency Exchange | Prague Tourist Traps Currency Exchange Offices

    Be very much aware of currency exchange offices in Prague. Located throughout the city and of course in the city center where they are most convenient, most exchange offices list what may seemingly be a good offer, but upon closer inspection, the rate is not affective unless you are exchanging a lot of money. This is stated in very small letters at the bottom of the information boards that the offices advertise. If you are not paying attention, then you...

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  • Prague Tourist Traps | Taxi Service in Prague Taxi Service in Prague

    The Taxi industry unfortunately has a horrible reputation in the city of Prague. Ripping people off left and right, a certain taxi company even ripped off a top city politician once, granted he was undercover to expose such notorious behavior. Some of the busiest areas of Prague such as Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square, in front of the main train station, at the airport and in Lesser Town Square are the worst places to hail a cab, even for Czechs....

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