Cooking Classes in Prague

Do you feel like you cook the same dishes all the time and do you long for a change in your home menu repertoire? Do you want to learn to cook exotic dishes, bake delicious cakes, or learn more about traditional Czech cuisine? Then you are the right prospective student for the cooking classes offered by several different institutions in Prague. Cooking classes in Prague are usually designated both for experienced cooks who want to learn to prepare new meals or improve their techniques, and for beginners who are only starting to discover the secrets of cooking. The cooking classes in Prague that we are featuring here at take place in various parts of the capital city, or if you are interested, some teachers will even come to your home so that you can cook in the comfort of your own kitchen. Besides learning how to make new dishes you will also discover many tips and tricks that are commonly used by professional chefs and that will make your work in the kitchen easier. Whether you decide to attend an elementary cooking course that will teach you basic skills or choose any of the specialized courses that will introduce you to foreign cuisines, you can be sure that your Prague cooking course will exceed your expectations!

  • Laboratorio | Cooking School in Prague Laboratorio – Scuola di cucina

    If you love sunny Italy and mainly its divine cuisine, do not miss cooking classes in Prague by the best of the best – Riccardo Lucque, the owner and chef of the renowned Prague restaurants Aromi and La Finestra. These cooking classes are designed for both complete beginners and experienced cooks who want to refine their cooking skills and expand their horizons by authentic meals of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. In the informal atmosphere of the Laboratorio Studio on Krocínova...

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  • Chefparade | Prague | Cooking Classes Chefparade – Cooking Classes for Tourists

    Chefparade Cooking School, a unique Prague company, which, alongside with popular cooking classes for both children and adults, organizes the well-known Foodparade Food Festival, now offers also cooking classes for tourists. The cooking classes are held in the morning hours and will present you with the best of the traditional Czech cuisine in an interactive, hands-on form. Every class is held by one the Chefparade chefs, who will lead you through the whole food preparation / cooking (in English). As...

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  • Culinary Studio Ola Kala | Prague Culinary Studio Ola Kala

    Ola Kala Culinary Studio with its motto "discover the art of gastronomy" will take you through the secrets of preparation of traditional Czech dishes and exotic specialties, from tasty soups and delicious main dishes up to excellent desserts. Under the guidance of experts in the field of gastronomy, who will be more than happy to pass on their experience and professional tips and tricks, you will learn in a pleasant atmosphere all the necessary knowledge and skills of great hosts...

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  • Presto Cooking School | Prague Presto – Martin Kincl's Culinary School

    Since 2005, the Presto Culinary School led by chef Martin Kincl has gained an excellent reputation and many satisfied students. All lovers of good food will certainly appreciate the professionally prepared and conducted classes with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, which are intended for all no matter the level of culinary skills. No matter if you choose a basic course consisting of 9 lessons or a special course focused on Czech, Italian or Japanese cuisine, seafood, preparation of meat or...

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  • Atelier Culinari | Prague | Cooking Classes Atelier Culinari

    Cooking classes at Atelier Culinari managed by chef Vladislav Stuparič will introduce you to cooking as a beautiful, unique craft as well as a flavorful form of artistic expression. This highly experienced chef will share his culinary knowledge and experience with beginners, enthusiastic amateurs, and professionals alike. Prague cooking classes for a maximum of 10 participants can take place directly in the chef's culinary studio, or it is possible to arrange classes at other places, as well as take individual...

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  • Prague Culinary Institute | Cooking Lessons Prague Culinary Institute

    If you are getting tired of instant soups and take-away pizzas, the Prague Culinary Institute (Pražský kulinářský institut) is here to take your cooking to the next level! The institute, founded in January 2008, revives the tradition of the First Republic, when famous chefs commonly offered cooking classes for the public. The wide selection of courses at the Prague Culinary Institute are here for professional cooks who are interested in enhancing their qualifications as well as for laymen who just...

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