Kosher Cuisine in Prague | Kosher Restaurants in Prague

If you are searching for the top kosher restaurants in Prague, look no further than our list of restaurants featuring glatt kosher food in Prague that adhere to the strict guidelines of the Jewish faith. All of the kosher restaurants in Prague listed below are represented by complete descriptions, photographs, maps and contact information. 


  • Shelanu Kosher Cuisine in Prague | Shabbat Chabad's Shelanu Kosher Restaurant & Deli

    Located near the Old New Synagogue in picturesque Josefov, Prague's Jewish Quarter, is a very welcome addition to the Kosher food scene in Prague – Chabad's Shelanu Restaurant and Deli. Shelanu is under the strict supervision of Chabad in Prague, and is the only restaurant in Prague currently offering Mehadrin, Glatt, and Pat Yisrael kosher delicacies and meat and parve dishes. Groups are welcome, and Shelanu takes pride in its ability to cater to large groups. Delightful daily breakfast, lunch,...

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  • King Solomon Glatt Kosher Restaurant King Solomon Glatt Kosher Restaurant

    Located in the gorgeous Jewish Quarter of Prague is King Solomon Restaurant, the oldest kosher restaurant in the city. King Solomon Restaurant offers the very best of traditional Jewish cuisine from central and Eastern Europe and is proud to feature only the highest quality ingredients and meats, many of which are also bio that adhere to the strict kosher diet (kosher certificate available for viewing online). King Solomon Restaurant uses local Czech breeders for veal, fallow deer, lamb, and mouflon...

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  • Dinitz Kosher Restaurant | Mixed Plate Dinitz Kosher Restaurant

    Dinitz Kosher Restaurant is located in the atmospheric Jewish Quarter, by the gorgeous Spanish Synagogue, which is situated merely steps from Prague’s famous Old Town Square and the romantic Charles Bridge. Dinitz Kosher Restaurant is the first and only Kosher restaurant in the city approved and supervised by the Chief Rabbinate of Prague. Dinitz Kosher Restaurant offers a wide selection of delicious dishes to choose from, including sandwiches and pasta. Our favorites include: Hummus bi Tahini (hummus and tahini melee,...

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