Hot Air Balloon Rides and Helicopter Flights in the Czech Republic

Have you always wanted to float in the heights and observe the world from a bird's eye point of view? To achieve this is in fact easier than you would think and at the same time safe. In Prague and the Czech Republic there are many renowned companies with long-time experience that offer scenic flights in a hot air balloon. If you love romantic and adventurous activities there is nothing easier than taking part in such a flight and discovering from the heights the beauty of Czech and Moravian landscapes, castles, chateaux and towns. If you prefer more adrenaline, helicopter flights may be more suitable for you. In a helicopter you will get reach any destination quickly and without any road restrictions on land. Both types of flights also present an ideal gift for someone wishing to enjoy the fantastic and incomparable experience of floating above the landscape in the height of several hundred meters. Whether you know someone or would like to experience such adventure yourself, below you will find tips on companies that operate hot air balloon flights and helicopter flights in the vicinity of Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic. We wish you a pleasant flight!

  • Balloon Adventures Balloon Adventures

    A hot air balloon ride is on everyone’s wish list of exciting things to experience in life. And there really is no wonder why as it is truly a unique experience – unique even more so if you are hovering over the most breathtaking Czech Republic sights, including the many iconic cities, castles, chateaux and natural sites. The family-operated Czech company, Balloon Adventures offers flights in hot air balloons with first-class services. From the height of 3,000 feet you will...

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  • Sky Partner | Hot Air Balloon Flights | CZ Sky Partner

    You can enjoy a fantastic and unforgettable experience floating above the landscape in the height of 50 meters and more with hot air balloon flights operated by Sky Partner. In a quiet and slow speed you can relish the unique scenery of the Czech countryside and its towns. The pilot of the hot air balloon will pick you up at a pre-arranged place and then the whole crew will move to the place from where the balloon will start and...

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  • | Hot Air Balloon Flights in the Czech Republic has more than twenty years' experience in flying in hot air balloons and is the ideal companion with whom to discover the beauty of the Czech lands from a bird's eye view. Scenic flights in a hot air balloon are an incomparable experience when organized by; experience the magic from April till October two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset, provided that the wind conditions and visibility are good and there is no precipitation outlook for...

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  • Aeronautik Praha | Hot Air Balloon Flights Aeronautik Praha

    Thanks to the services provided by Aeronautik Praha, a company with more than ten years of experience with operating scenic flights in the Czech Republic and abroad, you can enjoy an incredible view of the beautiful Czech landscape from a hot air balloon. After you arrange your flight by phone or online, your flight will be confirmed one day before the scheduled flight and will be dependant upon the weather. Shortly before the flight, Aeronautik Praha will pick you up...

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  • Aviatik servis | Czech Republic Aviatik servis

    If you want to experience something romantic and adventurous at the same time, set off ona scenic hot air balloon flight anywhere in the Czech Republic with Aviatik Servis. Aviatik Servis offers a wide range of flights for great prices. Besides classical flights for 10 persons and a pilot, their offer includes, for example, a morning flight ending with a delectable breakfast at the place of landing, a morning flight with sunrise observations, a two-hour night flight across Brno and...

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  • VIP Helicopter Czech | Helicopter Flights | Prague VIP Helicopter Czech

    If you want to visit some beautiful places in the Czech Republic in a short time and you are looking for an unusual way of transport, use the services of VIP Helicopter Czech, a Czech company that provides exclusive visits to castles and chateaux via helicopter or private plane to your desired destination. All you need to do is choose a destination in the Czech Republic or abroad and then sit back and enjoy the flight. If you prefer to...

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