Pub Crawls and Culinary Tours

It is widely recognized as a fact that the Czech Republic has the best beer in the world, and a lesser known fact that there is some really exceptional food that goes with that beer. In Prague, you will find a wide selection of some excellent pub crawls to help you get to know the best hotspots for Czech beer in Prague, as well as some very fine culinary tours to help you get to know the cuisine of the Czech Republic. Prague is home to the finest Czech restaurants, and many top chefs choose to make Prague their home, raising the bar for high-quality Czech food and beer in Prague. In the section below, you will find all you need to know about pub crawls in Prague, and about culinary tours and experiences in Prague and around the Czech Republic.

  • Czech Brewery & Beer Trip Czech Brewery & Beer Trip

    Would you like to explore and get to know the Prague beer scene? Then let the experts from Czech brewery & beer trip be your guides. They will acquaint you with everything there is to know about Czech beer-making culture. On a walk in groups that are small enough to fit inside each pub you will stop in, an all-inclusive tour of the historic streets of Prague awaits you. It’s an informal and fun way to find out everything you’ve ever wanted...

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  • I Like Veggie | Food Tours I Like Veggie

    Are you a food lover? Do you love vegetables in all their colorful freshness? If so, take a tour with I Like Veggie! I Like Veggie offers really tasty, not to mention healthy, culinary walking tours in Prague (and Budapest should you be traveling there as well). This unique company offers one of the only options for veggie tours in the Central European city of Prague – a city known for it's meat-based diet. It is also of interest to...

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  • Taste of Prague | Food Tours Taste of Prague

    Experience Prague – the way Taste of Prague loves it! If you are visiting the gorgeous capital city of Prague and would like to experience it in a different manner turn to Taste of Prague. Taste of Prague offers three tours: Prague Food and Culture Tour, Prague Foodie Tour, and (our favorite) Private Wine Tours in Moravia. Tours are led throughout the varying neighborhoods of Prague in small groups of up to four in order to keep the experience pleasant...

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  • Prague Foodies | Let's Go! Prague Foodies

    Tour Prague with local foodies Vladimir and Linda and experience the city as a true local. As the website of Prague Foodies states “tune in, get with it, and wake up to the flavors of Prague!” This is a one-of-a-kind type of tour and is a great way to get to know Prague, the local gastronomy and the culture of Czech people. With Prague Foodies you can see the city through the eyes of a local – one who knows...

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  • Chefparade | Prague | Cooking Classes Chefparade – Cooking Classes for Tourists

    Chefparade Cooking School, a unique Prague company, which, alongside with popular cooking classes for both children and adults, organizes the well-known Foodparade Food Festival, now offers also cooking classes for tourists. The cooking classes are held in the morning hours and will present you with the best of the traditional Czech cuisine in an interactive, hands-on form. Every class is held by one the Chefparade chefs, who will lead you through the whole food preparation / cooking (in English). As...

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