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The venues listed in this section are not for everyone, but those looking for the rougher side of the Czech bar scene shouldn't miss these traditional establishments. If your visit to Prague is inspired by the early Milos Forman movies or by Bohumil Hrabal's books, you might be disappointed about how westernized Prague looks nowadays and the fact that it is getting worse everyday. So you might perhaps ask yourself whether the old and authentic Prague has completely succumbed to the pressure of western chains, shopping centers and fake professional smiles. We believe that the answer to this question is no and have therefore created this wild section. These kind of bars definitely still exist but you should know that a foreigner might have a hard time in some of these venues since English is not so common in these bars, and what is more, perhaps slightly frowned upon. Also, before you enter, you should know a little bit about the pub culture in these establishments; first of all, none of these venues are non-smoking and aren't usually air-conditioned so you might end up sitting in a thick cloud of cigarette smoke. Secondly, the interaction with the waiters might depend on their mood, perhaps this sounds unprofessional to you, but can't it also be seen as direct and slightly liberating? Thirdly, if your first order is orange juice, don't be surprised if you are looked at strangely or perhaps advised to go to the nearest candy store instead. Lastly, don't be surprised if the waiter brings you a glass of beer without your ordering it - an empty or half empty glass of beer in front of you can be seen as a signal that you desire another one, at least in some pubs. If this doesn't scare you, you should know that the venues listed in this section offer a chance to experience the real Prague and are an essentially Czech phenomenon. Also, if the locals accept you, you might end up making new friends and perhaps hearing some "unbelievable" Hrabalian pub stories in broken English.