Prague Nightlife

Prague is an interesting city with plenty of sightseeing opportunities, cultural events and such. But what happens when the sun goes down on Central Europe’s preserved gem? What is the nightlife in Prague like? Prague becomes a different city full of creeping shadows in dimly lit lanes, circling bats above your head and a definite sense of crazy fun. From traditional beer halls with accordion players to sleek modern dance clubs, Prague nightlife is alive and kicking until the sun comes up, and what better way to see Charles Bridge then at sunrise (plus the world-famous bridge is virtually empty in the morning and quite stunning without hoards of tourists)? The nightlife in Prague is an interesting mix of generations as well, if you seek the more traditional beer halls and pubs for your Prague nightlife experience, do not be surprised if you end up drinking with Grandfather Czech and do not be surprised when (not if) he drinks you under the table because he most certainly will! And after a night of fun, why not finish it off with a tasty fried cheese sandwich from a street vendor? Oh, and watch out for the Absinthe, it bites back. The nightlife in Prague is definitely worth your time.

  • Prague Nightlife | Clubbing Clubbing

    Clubbing in Prague is a big hit! Prague features some really great night clubs where you can dance all night long to house, techno all other types of dance music; proper indie club nights, however do not exist here if you are used to the British standard. If an eighties night is what you seek, then there are definitely a few good clubs in Prague where you can sport your zebra leggings, blue eyeliner and big hair. Have a look at our recommended clubs in Prague listed below; all of the Prague clubs are presented with complete descriptions, photographs and...

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  • Prague Nightlife | Rock and Roll Venues Rock and Roll Venues

    Under the communist regime, rock and roll was banned; rock and roll was too western, too free. However an underground rock scene grew and musicians played for small crowds in strange obscure little clubs and in the safety of country houses. The underground scene found international fame with the imprisonment of the rock group the Plastic People of the Universe following a 1970s show. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, Vaclav Havel, a devoted rock fan, became president and invited Frank Zappa to play in Prague and then attempted to name him as his special ambassador to the U.S;...

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  • Prague Nightlife | Bars Bars

    Prague has thousands of traditional Czech pubs, but what happens when you are craving something more Western? Thanks to the steady increase of tourism over the years, Prague has grown into a cosmopolitan city serving a steady flow of, what else but, Cosmopolitans. There are many good bars, fully stocked and ready to be explored by tourists, expats and local clientele. The majority of the bars are located in the city center, so it is easy and convenient to enjoy a night of bar hopping.

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  • Prague Nightlife | Beer Halls and Pubs Beer Halls and Pubs

    If there is one thing Czechs do best, it is beer. It is quite obvious considering they are the highest beer consumers per capita in the world. With tons of traditional pubs and beer halls, there is plenty of the frothy liquid gold to go around. And the prices, oh the prices! In the wonderful city of Prague beer (pivo to locals) costs around a humble $1.50 a pint, simply amazing. It is quite possibly, the cheapest and best beer in the world. The world-renowned Pilsner Urquell is brewed in Plzen, while Budvar (not to be confused with Budweiser) is...

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  • Prague Nightlife | Beer Gardens Beer Gardens

    The Czech Republic is famous for many things, castles, beautiful women, an incredibly difficult language to master, and of course, beer. Beer! The liquid gold is best enjoyed outside with friends on a sunny day or a warm summer night, surrounded by locals and tourists alike. The Czech capital has numerous restaurants with courtyards and outdoor dining, but if you want to experience an authentic, often curious episode, head to the beer gardens! You can munch on Czech sausage, try Czech beer and maybe even make a Czech friend or two!

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  • Prague Wine Bars and Shops Wine Bars and Wine Shops in Prague

    Searching for a romantic Prague wine bar or wine cellar? See below our comprehensive list of wine bars in Prague that features the best of the best wine establishments in the city. The Czech Republic has large wine producing areas, especially in Southern Moravia. Moravian Towns such as Mikulov and Velke Pavlovice produce wine from the grape varieties of Pinot Noir, Saint Laurent, and the international strain of Cabernet Sauvignon, while the northern region of Bohemia focuses on the varieties of Pinot Blanc, Muller-Thurgau, and Gewurztraminer. Although Czech wine has long been snubbed as unequal, its popularity is on the...

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  • Delicious and Strong Czech Beer Take a Walk on the Wild Side

    The venues listed in this section are not for everyone, but those looking for the rougher side of the Czech bar scene shouldn't miss these traditional establishments. If your visit to Prague is inspired by the early Milos Forman movies or by Bohumil Hrabal's books, you might be disappointed about how westernized Prague looks nowadays and the fact that it is getting worse everyday. So you might perhaps ask yourself whether the old and authentic Prague has completely succumbed to the pressure of western chains, shopping centers and fake professional smiles. We believe that the answer to this question is...

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  • Prague Nightlife | Jazz and Blues Clubs Jazz and Blues Clubs

    Nightlife in Prague is quite varied and provides fun options for clubbers, drinkers and of course music lovers. For those who enjoy Jazz and Blues, Prague does not offer a huge selection of clubs like Chicago, for example but the small selection is good. With Prague Jazz and Blues clubs quality reigns over quantity and you will certainly enjoy an evening of live music in Prague from local and international Jazz and Blues bands with your friends in the gorgeous city of Prague. Have a look at our recommended Jazz and Blues clubs in Prague listed below. All of the...

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  • Prague Casinos Casinos in Prague

    Do you wish for an unforgettable night on the town in the gorgeous city of Prague? Why not check out the local Prague casinos, the seat of Prague’s nightlife! The bustling city of Prague features casinos dotted throughout the city, with the majority being on famous Wenceslas Square, the setting for inspirational revolutions in the past. Casinos in Prague are becoming more and more popular with tourists and locals alike and you will be happy to spend your wild nights wheeling and dealing with the best of the best card dealers settled in classy Prague casinos waiting for you to...

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