"Prague never lets you go. This dear little mother has sharp claws," Franz Kafka once said. Even though a household name since the nineties, Prague has been labeled as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe for many centuries. Located in the heart of Europe, Prague has been the crossroad for many merchants, artists and scientists throughout the centuries. From Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, to pope John Paul II, to Queen Elizabeth II, this city has mesmerized many historical figures and has been home to many. Prague has an extensive variety of historical sites and venues with many architectural and artistic styles co-existing in perfect harmony. The historic center is spread out on the two banks of the Vltava river where several independent towns were joined together in the 18th century to form Prague as we know it today: Vysehrad, Hradcany, Old Town, New Town, Lesser side and Josefov, the Jewish Quarter; these areas are listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Since the fall of communism, Prague has been transforming into a significant business and cultural hub in Europe and is an important gateway to the rest of Central and Eastern Europe.