Classicism and Empire Style

After the Napoleonic Code riveted France, architecture in the 18th century was influenced as well. The style, heavily based on the architecture of the Roman Empire, was hugely popular at the time with architecture in the United States of America, specifically with government structures, such as the Capital building. It was said, just as Napoleon had liberated the people of Europe with his new code, so did the architecture liberate buildings from the overly ornate Rococo of the 1700s. Classicism or Empire style was seen as the architecture of the people, not overly pretentious but balanced, serious and sober, architecture to enlighten drawing on inspiration from Greek and Roman symbols and ornaments. 

  • Prague Classicist Architecture | Estates Theater Prague Estates Theater

    The Estates Theater was built during the enlightened years in Europe, to give Prague a magnificent theater, worthy of glory and fame and to spread the culture of the Czech lands. And what fame it gained, with a grand impressive exterior featuring Corinthian columns, pilasters, and a light green and creme colored scheme, the Estates Theater in all its Empire style glory, captured the imagination of the masses, among them the famous Mozart, who premiered and directed his Don Giovanni...

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