Moorish Revival

Due to the Romanticism movement, Europe and America came to be fascinated with anything Orient, especially in Art and architecture. The revival was most popular during the middle of the 19th century, with synagogues being built in Europe, while America produced neo Moorish theaters, although the structures were used differently, one for worship, the other for entertainment, no significant difference architecturally was found in the Turkish or Andalusian motifs. The city of Prague has two significant, gorgeous Moorish revival buildings.


  • Prague Moorish Revival | Spanish Synagogue The Spanish Synagogue

    Built on the site of the ruins of the oldest synagogue in Prague, the Moorish Revival Spanish Synagogue was built in 1868 and designed by Vojtech Ignatz Ullmann. The synagogue is based on the famous Alhambra in Spain. The interior, designed by A. Baum and B. Munzberg and finished in 1893, is a gorgeous elaborate space with colored tiles, stained glass windows, and carved plaster borders with Islamic motifs on the walls, doors and galleries. The Spanish Synagogue has a...

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  • Prague Moorish Revival | Jubilee Synagogue Jubilee Synagogue

    The youngest, dating from 1906, largest and most vibrant synagogue in Prague is the Jubilee Synagogue. Designed by Wilhelm Stiassny, and named in honor of the 50th anniversary celebration, or the silver jubilee, of the reign of Emperor Franz Josef I of Austria, the Jubilee Synagogue is a colorful mixture of Moorish revival design and Art Nouveau decor. The facade features ornate keyhole arches, a rose window, lovely Iberian red and white layers of stone, and colors galore, the synagogue...

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