High Tech

High Tech architecture developed in the 1970s, with other titles such as Late Modernism as well as Structural Expressionism. Technology and industry combined together with the design of the building; characteristics of High Tech architecture include, glass walls, steel frames, prefabricated components, and a dominant presentation of technical and functional elements.

  • Prague Communist Era Architecture | Zizkov Television Tower The Zizkov Television Tower

    The Zizkov Television Tower at 216 meters is the highest structure in the city of Prague. Built between 1985 and 1992, started by the Communists, the tower was once resented by local inhabitants, as the megalomaniac tower forever changed the skyline of Prague and also destroyed part of a centuries old Jewish cemetery where the foundations of the tower are located. The reputation among Czechs has changed over time due to a strange art installation in 2000 from the famous...

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  • Maj Building | Prague High Tech Architecture The Maj Building

    The Maj building, home to the Tesco shopping center, is to some an unattractive, run down department store, but to others, it is a piece of architectural history that absolutely cannot be demolished. It must, in fact, be preserved. Designed in the 70s, it is an important example of late 20th century Brutalism combined with the High Tech style. Brutalism is an architectural style characterized by boxy shapes, repetition and regularity, and the highlighting of unexpected elements. The Maj building...

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