Family Centers in Prague

Are you looking for a reputable family center in Prague? We offer only the best Prague family centers where kids can be kids, adults can relax and everyone can learn in a safe, nurturing, comfortable and fun environment. Have a look at our comprehensive list below to find a family center in Prague that suits all of your family needs. Not only do the family centers focus on families with children but couples and married couples as well.  

  • Klub K2 | Children in Prague | Photo by: Michaela Danelová Klub K2

    Klub K2 at Prague's Zahradní Město is an NGO whose mother and child club has been operating since 2005. As with the majority of similar centers, the people behind Klub K2 have not only professional experience with childcare, but also personal experience as parents. The club primarily supports parents with children ranging in age from newborns to 6 years of age and aims to enlighten society in the area of equal opportunities for men and women. Besides creating free time...

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  • Family and cultural center Nová trojka | Kite flying Family and cultural center Nová trojka

    The Nová Trojka Family and Cultural Center has been offering its services to children and their parents in Prague 3 for more than eight years. The center's website is easy to navigate and arranged into sections containing activities for yourself and your child, preschoolers, schoolchildren, and parents who can get some inspiration at one of the many discussions with experts or workshops organized by the Nová Trojka center. Preschoolers can learn how to play electric piano or flute, can attend...

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  • Jablíčkov | Family Center Jablíčkov

    Mothers' and fathers' center Jablíčkov is a civic association that offers space for play for newborn children to 6 year olds and their parents who can share their experience with child care and education. The Jablíčkov center in Prague's Strašnice was established from the initiative of several mothers in October 2001. Parents and children between 1 to 3 years of age can take part in various art, music, sports and theater classes. Lectures and debates on child care and education...

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  • Letna Family Center | Family Centers in Prague Letná Family Center

    Since its foundation in 2004 the Letná Family Center, a non-profit organization run by a group of volunteers, has been aiming to provide a welcoming space for children and their parents, where they can meet and exchange experiences and contacts. For this purpose a playroom, gym and other facilities in the premises of the Prague 7 City Hall on Janovského Street, have been set up. The Letná Family Center offers morning programs in its playroom primarily  designed for children of...

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  • Paleček | Family Center Paleček Family Center

    Are you searching for a family center located near the center of Prague? Paleček Family Center (named after tiny Tom Thumb from English folklore) is located in the quiet residential area bordering Vinohrady and Žižkov. Founded by a civil organization called Project Antioch and a group of caring mothers with a collective vision, Paleček Family Center provides a safe, stimulating and comfortable space for all families big and small. Paleček Family Center features a small café with a spacious playroom...

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  • Toulcův Dvůr | Exterior Toulcův Dvůr - Prague Environmental Education Center

    Located in the Hostivař area of Prague is Toulcův Dvůr, a family center that focuses on environmental education for families with young children. The goal of the center is to maintain a quality and comfortable establishment for ecological education in an urban area. Toulcův Dvůr believes in the philosophy that the earlier children are exposed to an ecological education the greater the impact will be on the development of their ecological awareness, thus making them responsible and respectful towards Mother...

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  • Kampa Mother's Center | Family Centers in Prague Kampa Mother's Center

    The Kampa Mother's Center operated by the Kampa Civic Organization is an exceptional space in the center of Prague where parents with children can meet, relax and play. Children have a large well-lit playroom with toys and art tools at their disposal. In nice weather children can also play in a small garden and those who are still in prams can sleep undisturbed there. Mothers can use a diaper changing table and a sofa where they can breastfeed their baby....

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  • Klub Mevídek |  Family centers in Prague Medvídek Club

    The Medvídek Club, or Little Bear Club, is located right next to the Anděl metro B line station and will especially delight those who live in Smíchov and its surrounding neighborhoods. A playroom with toys, didactic tools and books is available for children at Medvídek, while parents have a little café at their disposal. Depending on when you come to the club one or two playrooms will be open where your children can have a lot of fun while you...

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