Marionette and Children's Theater in Prague

Are you visiting the city with children or simply live in beautiful Prague and wish to take the little ones to a marionette theater or a children’s theater? You are in luck for the city of one hundred spires features many options for children. Prague marionette theaters and Prague theaters for children display the best of the best entertainment for children and your little ones will surely be happy and tell everyone about this fun experience. Besides, if you buy also marionettes for your children, it is more than probable that marionette performances will take place also at your home, whether it will be you pulling the strings or your children. These marionettes can be purchased at the marionette shops lining the cobblestone streets in the center of Prague proving the long tradition of marionette theater in Prague and the Czech Republic. Popular theaters for children in Prague include the Spejbl and Hurvínek Theater or the Minor Theater. You can read about them and other theaters staging performances for children below.

  • Metro Theater | Children's Theaters in Prague Metro Theater

    The Metro Theater, in the center of Prague at Národní Třída, prepares a repertoire for adults and children alike. Besides predominantly classical Czech fairy tales staged by guest troupes such as the Divadlo pohádek [Fairytale Theater], Metro's children's program is represented mainly by black light theater performances for children of all ages. The Metro's black light theater is one of the oldest black light theaters and it has proudly staged its performances all over the world. Unlike other similar theaters,...

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  • National Marionette Theater | Prague National Marionette Theater

    If you have kids who enjoy puppets and marionette performances, or if you are a marionette fan yourself, you should definitely visit the National Marionette Theater in Prague 1. Here you can combine education with pleasure as in addition to entertaining marionette shows, you and your children will have the possibility to see classical masterpieces like Don Giovanni or the Magic Flute. The National Marionette Theater was founded in 1991, when it began to perform a marionette version of Don...

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  • Minaret Theater | Prague Minaret Theater

    The meaning of the word “minaret” is not only a slim oriental tower but also a lighthouse, which is a symbol of joy and hope. Joy and hope are values that Minaret Theater tries to bring into the world of adults and children. Minaret was established in 1994 and since the 2002/2003 season it has been regularly performing in the Reduta Club. Besides that, the Minaret troupe also appears on other Prague stages, such as at Divadlo U Hasičů or...

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  • Spejbl & Hurvínek Theater | The Whole Family Spejbl & Hurvínek Theater

    Located in Prague 6, a popular residential area is the famous Spejbl & Hurvínek Theater. This marionette theater has a long tradition in the city of Prague as the two main protagonists; Spejbl & Hurvínek are household names to Czech citizens. Established in 1930 in Pilsen, western Bohemia by Professor Josef Skupa, the Spejbl and Hurvínek Theater was established by prof. Josef Skupa (1892-1957) in Pilsen, western Bohemia in 1930 as the first modern professional marionette theater in the country....

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  • Fairytale Theater | Prague Fairytale Theater

    The Fairytale Theater is not only aimed at theater performances for children but also at shows in the field of children's entertainment performed by popular Czech artists. The Fairytale Theater can be found at three locations in Prague 1 – at Národní Street in the Metro Theater, at the Divadlo Hybernia at Náměstí Republiky, and in the Municipal Library of Prague. If your children are into traditional Czech fairytales, where Good triumphs over Evil, you can choose from a wide...

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  • Divadlo D21 | Theater for Children Divadlo D21

    The Divadlo D21 is located on Záhřebská Street in Prague's residential area of Vinohrady, between the Náměstí Míru and I.P. Pavlova tram stops. The ambitious acting troupe cooperates mainly with young theater directors who have a peculiar view of the world. The theater repertoire comprises both classical dramas, as well as dramatizations of literary works and new original works. The troupe has cooperated, for example, with David Drábek, one of the most successful contemporary playwrights and directors. Starting in the...

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  • Aha! Theater | Prague Aha! Theater

    The Aha! Theater [Divadlo Aha!] focuses exclusively on plays for children and teenagers. Since its foundation in 1999 the theater has staged 49 original theater plays of various genres including drama, marionette shows, poetry, art, music and movement theater. The permanent scene of the Aha! Theater is at the Divadlo GONG in Prague's Vysočany, but the troupe performs also at other theaters in Prague – at Strašnické theater, Divadlo U hasičů, Novodvorská cultural center, Prague Botanic Garden, Divadlo Jiskra –...

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  • Divadlo Minor | Prague Divadlo Minor

    Situated in a passage across from the imposing New Town City Hall Tower is Divadlo Minor, a whimsical theater that caters to the watchful eyes and ears of children. Divadlo Minor works closely with DAMU students (from the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theater) and performs its entertaining shows first and foremost for little ones, but also strives to entertain parents and adults as well, thus making it an entertainment complex for all. As the old saying goes ‘hidden in...

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  • Prague Philharmonia (PKF) | Photo by Daniel Havel PKF - Prague Philharmonia

    If you are a fan of classical music, do not miss the concerts performed by PKF – Prague Philharmonia, one of the best professional orchestras in the Czech Republic. PKF – Prague Philharmonia organizes concerts in Prague, takes part in festivals all around the Czech Republic and performs abroad quite regularly, in the US, Asia and other European countries. The orchestra was founded in 1994 at the initiative of the world-famous conductor Jiří Bělohlávek and under his leadership has developed...

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