Classes for Pregnant Women and Prenatal Classes in Prague

The number of studios and fitness centers focusing on classes for pregnant women in Prague is constantly growing. They usually offer a range of classes for pregnant women such as pregnancy yoga, rehabilitation exercises for pregnant women, swimming for pregnant women, as well as prenatal classes aimed at preparing expectant mothers and their partners, at least theoretically, for the birth and subsequent care of their new baby, including helpful breastfeeding tips and information. Very often, these centers also offer postpartum exercise for women after childbirth, and various types of workouts for mothers with children. In order to make your search for the right pregnancy workout easier, we have compiled a list of verified studios that focus on pregnant women and women in their postpartum stage and beyond, and which offer antenatal or prenatal classes in Prague, various types of exercising opportunities for pregnant women and women with children. Here you will also find tips on swimming lessons for babies in Prague. 

  • Studio pro ženy | Pregnant Women Exercising with Fitness Balls Studio pro ženy

    Studio Pro Ženy – Studio for Women –by midwife Magdalena Mikulandová, opened in Prague in 2000. Since that time it has been focusing on preparing pregnant women for childbirth and on subsequent postnatal care and consultancy in the areas of psychology, physiotherapy and gynecology. Nowadays, it also offers many activities for mothers with children, fitness activities, rehabilitation services, and more. Studio Pro Ženy is one of the few facilities of its kind with such a high level of expertise, as...

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  • A centrum | Prague A centrum

    If you are planning a pregnancy in the near future, are currently pregnant, or already have small children and are looking for exercise classes for pregnant women, postpartum exercise after childbirth or exercising with children in Prague, A Centrum is the perfect place for you. A Centrum in Prague 8, located near the B and C line metro station of Florenc, offers many classes for pregnant women, women with small children, postpartum exercise classes, and more, in Prague. The center's...

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  • Tvoje jóga | Yoga for pregnancy Tvoje jóga

    Would you like to find out more about yoga, but want to avoid group classes in overcrowded studios? Or are you an experienced yogi and are looking for individual training sessions in order to improve certain aspects of your practice? Or maybe you see yoga as the best way to get ready for labor during your pregnancy? The Tvoje jóga (Your Yoga) project, founded by Lenka Eidlpesová, is here for you. Not only is she a graceful and professional yogi,...

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  • Maternity Care | Swimming Classes for Pregnant Women in Prague Maternity Care

    Since 1999, Maternity Care, located in Prague's Pankrác area, has been offering its services to women who are pregnant, in their postnatal period, and beyond. The Maternity Care team consists of midwives, nurses, lactation consultants and fitness and swimming instructors, who accompany women through their pregnancy, period after childbirth and through their maternity. At Maternity Care you can attend exercise classes for pregnant women which will help you better handle the childbirth. Besides relaxation, a part of the class is...

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  • Slunečnice | Pregnant Women in Prague Slunečnice Health and Beauty Club

    Exercising lessons for pregnant ladies and prenatal classes are offered by the Slunečnice Health and Beauty Club in Old Town to pregnant women from all corners of Prague. Prenatal classes are not held in the form of the sometimes impersonal and always time-consuming multi-week course, but instead Slunečnice Health and Beauty Club welcomes you to come at specified times when a professional birth assistant will be available to talk with you about particular themes, which you can then discuss with...

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  • Mama Baby Studio | Classes for Mothers and Babies Mama Baby Studio

    Mama Baby Studio in Prague 7's Letná primarily focuses on expectant mothers and their partners, as well as women who have problems conceiving, and postpartum women with children. Exercise classes at Mama Baby Studio, founded in 2011 by midwife Eva Smrkovsky, a member of the UNIPA professional organization uniting midwives in the Czech Republic, take place in a pleasant environment. Women who have difficulty conceiving can try the verified exercises according to Ludmila Mojžíšová. Pregnant women living in Prague and...

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