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If you are enthusiastic about riding a bicycle why not rent a bike in Prague? If you wish to explore the city by alternative means instead of by bus, walking or metro, you can always opt for a bicycle tour or rent a bike in Prague. The city of Prague is a beautiful town to explore by bike plus the fabled Vltava River has an extensive biking path that stretches for miles, which makes it easy, convenient and scenic to escape the hustle and bustle of the city if you so wish. All of the bike tours in Prague and bike rental establishments in Prague stress safety at all times while riding a bicycle in the Czech Republic in order to keep you safe. It is Czech law that children under the age of 15 must wear a bicycle helmet at all times while it is recommended for adults to wear a bicycle helmet as well. Have a look at our recommended Prague bike tours and bicycle rentals in Prague listed below. All of our reviews are complete with descriptions, photos, contact information and maps. Furthermore the trend of touring European cities with Segway PT (personal transporters) has also flourished in Prague. If you wish to see Prague on a Segway, simply have a look at the Segway Prague tour review listed below. 

  • Prague by E-Bike | Group Tours Prague By E-Bike

    If you love cycling, but don't feel like riding an ordinary bike up and down Prague's hilly terrain or the city's lovely yet bumpy cobblestone lanes, why not try an electrical bike ride with Prague By E-Bike? Prague By E-Bike has modern and ecological electric bicycles which enable you a smooth ride on Prague's most uneven lanes and up and down hills without getting out of breath. Two trips with a guide per day are organized. Individual rides take three...

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  • Biko Adventures Prague | Bike Tours Biko Adventures Prague

    Looking for a different way of exploring the gorgeous city of Prague or the lovely countryside of the Czech Republic? If so look no further than Biko Adventures Prague! Rated among the top 15 “things to do” in Prague on TripAdvisor, Biko Adventures Prague offers an array of mountain bike and outdoor tours that range from easy to advanced, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the great outdoors while in Prague. Biko Adventures Prague was founded by a group of outdoor...

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  • City Bike Prague | Bike Tour in the City Center City Bike Prague

    If you are searching for quality city bike tours in Prague look no further than City Bike Prague, the city’s original and best biking tour company. No matter if you are a cyclist at heart or simply wish to explore the city in a different manner. Conveniently located in the center of Old Town, City Bike Prague offers everything you need to experience a fun, safe and unforgettable bike tour in Prague, or if you wish to simply rent a...

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  • I Like E-Bike | Electric Bike Rental in Prague I Like E-Bike

    Do you wish to tour the city of Prague in a different manner? If so, why not try an E-Bike, an electric bike that you can ride around the gorgeous city of Prague, while effortlessly taking in all of the sights. E-Bikes require minimal effort and provide a safe and entertaining way to see the city without breaking a sweat or having to deal with hordes of tourists on foot. To take an E-bike tour you don’t even have to...

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  • Segway in Prague | Prague Tours Segway Rentals in Prague

    If you love the idea of touring the city of Prague in an eco-friendly way without putting forth a lot of physical effort, then you are in need of a Segway tour in Prague! Segway PT (personal transporters) introduced the world to personal green transport by the way of their two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle invented by Dean Kamen. This intuitive vehicle is easy to operate and provides hours of fun. Ride on one of the best inventions of the 21st...

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  • Segway City Tour | Prague Segway Experience Tours & Rents

    If you wish to tour the city of Prague in a different manner than most, why not try a Segway city tour of Prague? This comfortable and safe way of sightseeing is all the rage in the Czech capital and continues to gain popularity due to the sheer amount of monuments one can see in one tour. Your guide will take you and your friends, family, or coworkers on a three hour tour of Prague where you will experience the...

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  • Praha Bike | Prague CIty tours Praha Bike - Guided Bike Tours & Rentals

    If you wish to explore the city in a different, unforgettable manner why not opt for a guided bike tour in Prague or simply rent a bike and go about it on your own? Praha Bike is conveniently located in heart of Prague’s Old Town on scenic Dlouha Street and is situated in the courtyard of a 15th century house. Prague Bike offers an array of quality bike tours that you will never forget including the Classic City Bike Tour...

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  • Okolo Bike | Prague Bike Rentals Okolo Bike

    Are you planning a trip to Prague and looking to sightsee in a different manner? Why not try bike tours in Prague with your friends or family? At Okolo Bike you can rent a variety of bicycles, which can even be delivered to your hotel or apartment for a small fee. At Okolo Bikes you can choose from mountain bikes, hybrid cycles, city bikes, bikes for kids as well as pull-behind child carriers for small children, tandem mountain bikes and...

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