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Tandem Skydiving presents one of the best adrenaline challenges that you can experience. If you love adventure and are lured by a similar experience try out tandem skydiving offered by various companies in Prague and the Czech Republic. As you do not need any medical check up or a special course before tandem skydiving, only a short 15-minute training, basically anyone above 8 years of age and weighing less than 130 kg can take part in it. You jump from an aircraft attached to a tandem pilot with whom you enjoy about 50 seconds of free fall at 200 km/h and the following 6 to 8 minutes of flight with an open parachute. You are usually also allowed to steer the parachute during the flight, but before soft landing the tandem pilot will take over the steering again. As a memory of your tandem skydiving experience you can often also get a DVD with a video or photographs of your flight. If you love adrenaline sports then tandem skydiving in the vicinity of Prague and at other places of the Czech Republic is the right thing for you!