Team Sports in Prague, Czech Republic

If you are looking for some quality team sports to join or watch during your time in Prague and the Czech Republic, you have come to the right place. Aside from being a great place to meet like-minded individuals, team sports are also a great way to work on getting some physical exercise and keeping in shape, or simply watching the game can provide family fun entertainment on an individual game basis or even a seasonal basis. Some of the most famous games in the world, including soccer or football, American football, rugby, baseball or softball, and much much more, are represented by world-class teams in Prague, as well as a host of local teams ripe for your participation. If you are looking to teach your children more about working together with others towards a goal, being a good sport, and allowing them an opportunity to make new friends and get more exercise, enroll them in a team sport in Prague!

  • Prague Raptors Prague Raptors

    Are you looking for a football club in Prague to join? Do you love the thrill of playing sports and the camaraderie of being on a team? If you do have a look at the Prague Raptors, a unique amateur football club based in Prague 5 at FC Zlicin. The Prague Raptors Football Club is a member of the FARE network, an organization that focuses on inclusivity in football – no matter your race, sexual orientation or religious beliefs, you...

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  • Tempo Titans Praha Tempo Titans Praha

    Founded as a Prague softball club in 1963, with the women's team coming a year later, Tempo Titans Praha baseball club of Prague 12 was one of the first softball and baseball clubs in Prague, and indeed in the Czech Republic. Helping to bring baseball to the Czech Republic, and to Prague, is a big part of the legacy of Tempo Titans Praha, and another part is raising the level of accessibility of the sport. Mens A and B teams,...

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  • Prague Eagles Prague Eagles

    Prague Eagles is the biggest baseball and softball club in the Czech Republic; they boast teams winning National Championship titles in all competitions; baseball, men and women's fastpitch softball, as well as youth titles and more. The home of the Eagles is a premiere facility with 5 baseball and softball diamonds, making it reputedly the largest in Europe, and leaving it the clear winner for housing regular European and World Championships in addition to the popular Baseball Week, where teams...

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  • Prague Mustangs | American Football in Prague Prague Mustangs

    For a team founded in 2010 and primarily made up of rookies who discovered the world of American football in Prague, the Prague Mustangs American Football team has really taken the sport by storm! Always looking for more players, the Mustangs welcome all new players to try out – foreigners are welcome and all field calls are in English, so no Czech language is required. If you are looking for the perfect team to practice your football skills with, and...

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  • Brno Dragons Brno Dragons

    Founded in 1972 as a softball club, the Draci Baseball Club Brno, which translates to the Brno Dragons, turned its attention to baseball in 1982 and is one of the main rivals of the Prague teams. Although not a Prague- based baseball club, which historically have been the largest, Draci Brno is a large baseball club with at least 9 categories of players and excellent stadium facilities with an on-site restaurant and more fan-friendly features. As a member of the...

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