Swimming Pools in Prague

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country full of rolling meadows, glorious mountaintops, whimsical castles and picturesque villages. What more could one need? The sea! In a landlocked country one can sometimes feel a bit trapped or claustrophobic, and you could miss the relaxation and mental clarity that comes along with swimming or floating in the sea or a large body of water. Prague has the curving Vltava River, but like all rivers by large cities, it is not suitable for swimming. Prague offers good indoor-outdoor swimming pools, a few aqua parks and manmade reservoirs for swimming.

  • Podoli | Prague Swimming Pools Podoli Swimming Pool

    This sports and leisure center located by the stately flow of the Vltava River in the vicinity of the ancient Vysehrad Castle offers much more than just a unique set of indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Its visitors can enjoy sauna facilities, a sun parlor, a giant outside spiral chute, a paddling pool for children, a gym and a cafe / restaurant. Easily accessible by trams, Podoli has been a popular destination for Prague inhabitants as well as visitors for...

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  • Slavia Swimming Pool | Prague Slavia Swimming Pool

    When the sweltering days of summer set in and you can no longer handle the concrete heat of the city, head to the Slavia Swimming Center, located in the residential area of Vrsovice. The Slavia Swimming Center resembles something out of a 70s movie set with two large pools surrounded by Communist architecture, concrete patios and kiosks selling ice cream, Czech beer, and sausages. But despite this seemingly uninviting facade, the pools are large, cool, clean and very refreshing. During...

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  • Divoká Šárka | Prague Pools Divoká Šárka Swimming Pool

    Divoka Sarka is a gorgeous park with a wild landscape varied with large rocks, forest, streams and hills, and is located only about twenty minutes from the city center. It is named after the mythical Šarka, a wild and beautiful warrior woman. The park is full of romantic walking trails, some in valleys by trickling streams, others leading up to noble jagged rock lookout points. There is a man-made reservoir, perfect for sunbathing on the rocks or grass, or even for...

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  • Aquapark Barrandov | Swimming in Prague Aquapark Barrandov

    Located in the Barrandov district of Prague, known for the world famous Barrandov Movie Studio is the popular and fun Aquapark Barrandov. This spacious aqua park features an abundance of fun and can easily be an all-day adventure for you and your family or friends! Aquapark Barrandov features three floors of fitness-friendly fun and an outdoor area complete with a swimming pool, paddling pool, playground, beach volleyball, and petanque and sunbathing areas. On the main floor of Aquapark Barrandov you...

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  • Petynka Swimming Pool | Prague Petynka Swimming Pool

    Both adults and children alike, sports fans and families with kids will enjoy the Petynka Swimming Pool in Prague's Střešovice district. The swimming pool center offers a 50-meter long outdoor pool with heated water, a paddling pool and 103-meter long spiral chute. Those who love sunbathing will enjoy the amazing grassy rooftop beach, while those seeking shelter from the sun will love the small gazebo. Children will certainly like the jumping castle, trampoline or children's corner that offers many activities...

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  • Aquapalace | Water Bar Aquapalace Praha

    Aquapalace Praha has been designed to fulfill and surpass all your dreams about pirates, sea creatures, shipwrecks, water slides and stormy seas, that is if you are a child or even an adult with an overactive imagination! The designers of this truly exceptional water park thought about adults and children alike during the creation of Aquapalace Praha and so created the water adventure land for children plus facilities for adults including a cutting edge fitness center, a variety of saunas...

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  • Cordeus Centrum | Swimming Pool Cordeus Spa & Wellness Center

    Located in the residential area of Prague 6 is the Cordeus Centrum, a complete fitness and wellness center where you can invigorate and relax your body and soul. This comprehensive center consists of many elements including a health club, a day spa, a gymnasium, a café restaurant and a physical rehabilitation center. The complete health club features holistic treatments such as physiotherapy, massage, magnet therapy, electrotherapy, detoxification, hydro-colon therapy, oxygen therapy, meditation classes and more. The calming day spa is...

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