If you are enthusiastic about riding a bicycle why not rent a bike in Prague? If you wish to explore the city by alternative means instead of by bus, walking or metro, you can always opt for a bicycle tour or rent a bike in Prague. The city of Prague is a beautiful town to explore by bike plus the fabled Vltava River has an extensive biking path that stretches for miles, which makes it easy, convenient and scenic to escape the hustle and bustle of the city if you so wish. All of the bike tours in Prague and bike rental establishments in Prague stress safety at all times while riding a bicycle in the Czech Republic in order to keep you safe. It is Czech law that children under the age of 15 must wear a bicycle helmet at all times while it is recommended for adults to wear a bicycle helmet as well. Have a look at our recommended Prague bike tours and bicycle rentals in Prague listed below. All of our reviews are complete with descriptions, photos, contact information and maps. Furthermore the trend of touring European cities with Segway PT (personal transporters) has also flourished in Prague. If you wish to see Prague on a Segway, simply have a look at the Segway Prague tour review listed below.