Gardens and Parks in Lesser Town

Palaces, quiet courtyards, winding cobblestone lanes and more characterize Prague’s Lesser Town. It also happens to be home to many of Prague’s most unforgettable green spaces including Petrin Hill, a lush green hill overlooking the city, the Vrtba Garden, a hidden UNESCO protected Baroque garden and Kampa Island, a green strip of land perfect for picnicking and relaxing. If you wish to read more about gardens and parks in Lesser Town, have a look at our recommendations below. All of the gardens and parks in Lesser Town are complete with descriptions, colorful photographs and maps.

  • View of Prague from the Kinský Gardens Kinský Gardens

    Spreading over a lush 22 hectares in Prague's magnificent park area just where Smíchov meets Lesser Town, near Petřín Hill, you will find the splendid Kinský Gardens. Begun in 1825 by the patriotic Count Rudolf Kinský, these gardens were created to form a purely natural landscape without romantic excess, in celebration of the Czech National Revival, a nationalistic cultural revival movement that led into the First Republic period, celebrating all that is uniquely Czech. Located on the south-eastern slope of...

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  • Wallenstein Garden | Prague Gardens and Parks Wallenstein Garden

    Located in Mala Strana, or the Lesser Quarter, Wallenstein Garden is a beautiful manicured garden with lush greenery, shaped hedges, a large pond with a islet featuring a marble fountain of Hercules, statues representing heroes from Greek mythology, an aviary, peacocks to feed and even an Italian grotto with artificial stalactites (look for the animals and fantastic creatures hidden in the stalactite wall). The garden is conveniently located behind the Malostranska Metro entrance and is open to the public from...

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  • Vrtba Garden |  Prague Gardens and Parks Vrtba Garden

    The UNESCO listed Vrtbovska zahrada or Vrtba Garden, is located in the charming quarter of Mala Strana. Vrtba Garden, designed by Frantisek Maximilian Kanka in 1720, is considered one of the most beautiful Baroque gardens in Central Europe. Although small and intimate, the garden features everything a Baroque garden should; elegant staircases, statues and sculptures (by Matyas Bernard Braun), terraces, colorful flowerbeds incorporated with hedge designs, frescoes (by Vaclav Vavrinec Reiner featuring Adonis and Venus) and ornate banisters. The garden...

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  • Kampa Island | Prague Gardens and Parks Kampa Island

    Separated from the mainland of Mala Strana by the Certovka (Devil's Canal), leafy Kampa Island is a lovely place to spend your leisure time. The manmade island was the result of the narrow Certovka stream, dug to power water mills (a few of these mills still exist today). The name of the stream is rumored to be named after a nasty spirited woman who resided in a nearby home titled the Seven Devils and who also washed her dirty laundry...

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  • Petrin Hill | Prague Gardens and Parks | Walking Path Petřín Hill

    Overlooking the glorious city of Prague is the equally beautiful Petřín Hill, one of the former vineyards of King Charles IV. This is the place to go and relax under a blooming cherry tree during a clear spring day or smell the fragrant beauties in the lovely rose garden on a lazy summer night, and it is also the perfect place to capture the wonder of Prague via your camera. It is a steep walk up Petřín, so if you...

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