Gardens and Parks in the Castle District

The Castle District of Prague, Hradcany in Czech is full of gorgeous gardens and parks, most of which are situated in the Prague Castle complex. These lush green spaces provide a welcome retreat if you find yourself overwhelmed by the sights and tourists of Prague. Have a look at our recommended list of gardens and parks in the Castle District listed below. All of the gardens and parks are presented here with complete descriptions, quality photographs and maps.  

  • Castle and Palace Gardens | Prague Gardens and Parks Castle and Palace Gardens

    Leading down from Prague Castle on the southern slopes are the Castle Gardens, formerly the Royal Vineyards, and 5 palace gardens (Ledeburg Garden, Palffy Garden, Greater Palffy Garden, Kolovrat Garden and Furstenberg Garden), all of which are connected and form terraced gardens. The effect is a gorgeous chain of lavish manicured gardens that are simply a colorful splendid sight. Take a break from sightseeing and roam the romantic gardens or simply gaze over the labyrinth of red rooftops of Mala...

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  • The Deer Moat | Parks and Gardens in Prague The Deer Moat

    Located next to the magnificent Prague Castle is the Deer or Stag Moat. The Deer Moat is a beautiful natural ravine made from the Brusnice Stream making it one of the most peaceful places to walk in Prague while it is conveniently and attractively situated next to Prague’s famous castle. Historically the moat used to be part of Prague Castle’s northern fortification, which helped to defend the massive complex. The Brusnice Stream was drained to the underground pipes in 1899...

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  • Petrin Hill | Prague Gardens and Parks | Walking Path Petřín Hill

    Overlooking the glorious city of Prague is the equally beautiful Petřín Hill, one of the former vineyards of King Charles IV. This is the place to go and relax under a blooming cherry tree during a clear spring day or smell the fragrant beauties in the lovely rose garden on a lazy summer night, and it is also the perfect place to capture the wonder of Prague via your camera. It is a steep walk up Petřín, so if you...

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