Gardens and Parks in Troja

The Prague district of Troja boasts three of Prague’s most popular attractions, the Prague Zoo, Troja Chateau and the Troja Botanic Garden. Visitors to this special area know of its beauty and charm and it is very common to go to Troja and spend the whole day there, whether you are with your family, friends or loved ones. Troja boasts something for everyone and you will be sure to enjoy all of the wonders the area has to offer. If you are looking for a lovely place to spend your day have a look at the gardens and parks in Troja listed below. All of the gardens and parks are represented here with complete descriptions, photographs, contact information and maps.  

  • Troja Botanic Garden | Japanese Garden Troja Botanic Garden

    The area of Troja is lovely, complete with green rolling hills followed by the snake-like winding Vltava, the grand Troja Chateau, a true Baroque gem, the Prague Zoo, voted among the top 10 zoos in the world, and the impressive Prague Botanic Gardens. Stretching over a large chunk of land, the Botanic Garden includes a Japanese Garden with a gorgeous grove of Japanese Cherry trees, an exhibition of irises, several small ponds and lakes, the vineyard of St. Claire, and...

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