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Founded in 1963, the City Gallery Prague is the second most important institution for art after the National Gallery in Prague. The City Gallery Prague is responsible for collecting, preserving and displaying Czech art from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Today after almost 50 years of its existence the City Gallery Prague owns approximately 14,530 pieces of artwork. The City Gallery Prague has also been responsible for over 650 exhibitions throughout the city in such venues as the Stone Bell House, the Golden Ring House, Bilek’s Villa, Troja Chateau and the Municipal Library. All of the City Gallery Prague reviews listed below are complete with descriptions, photographs, contact information and maps.

  • The Stone Bell House | City Gallery Prague The Stone Bell House - City Gallery Prague

    The Stone Bell House is just one of the remarkable buildings located on Old Town Square and one of the oldest monuments in Prague housing short-term exhibitions of the City Gallery Prague. The oldest part of the building dates back to the second half of the 13th century. Only in the 1970s and 1980s during extensive reconstruction when the Neo-Baroque façade from the 19th century was pulled down the Gothic decorated façade was uncovered. After the completion of the reconstruction...

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  • Golden Ring House | Prague The Golden Ring House - City Gallery Prague

    Hidden on tiny Týnská street near Old Town Square is the Golden Ring House, an exhibition space of City Gallery Prague. Originally, the medieval Golden Ring House consisted of two buildings that were later merged into one. Its early Gothic period cellars and the corridor on the first floor with barrel vaulting and fragments of wall paintings from the late 15th century have been preserved until today. The Golden Ring House hosts a permanent exhibition presenting the big names of...

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  • The City Library | Prague The Municipal Library – City Gallery Prague

    Located on Mariánské Square with such grand buildings as Old Town City Hall, The exquisite Baroque Clam Gallas Palace and a section of the massive Klementinum complex is City Gallery Prague’s exhibition hall at the Municipal Library. The building was built in 1925 to 1928 and was designed by František Roith, an architect and student of Otto Wagner at the Vienna Academy. The building was originally intended for use as a cultural house, with exhibition, lecture and concert halls. The...

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  • Bílek’s Villa | City Gallery Prague Bílek’s Villa - City Gallery Prague

    In the lovely Prague Castle quarter known as Hradčany close to the Royal Summer Palace sits an Art Nouveau fairy tale villa designed by František Bílek, an architect and Art Nouveau and Symbolist sculptor. The house, which dates back to 1911, was designed by Bílek himself to be used as his home and studio. After Bílek’s passed the whimsical villa was turned into a museum of his works according to the artist’s own wishes. The villa was built on site...

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  • Eternal Summer in a Roman Villa | Prague Troja Chateau - City Gallery Prague

    The romantic Troja Chateau is home to the City Gallery Prague’s permanent exhibition and is located by a lovely bend in the Vltava River, surrounded by lovely gardens and an old vineyard. This wonderful chateau or villa was designed by Jean Baptiste Mathey upon the request of the glorious Sternberg family after Wenzel Adalbert von Sternberg embarked on his essential Grand Tour and returned to Bohemia with visions of Roman residential splendor in his mind (the chateau is inspired by...

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