Public Transportation in Prague

Second to none, Prague's public transportation system is user-friendly, relatively inexpensive, and infiltrates all parts of the city. The two main single-use ticket categories are 30 minute tickets allowing passage on any form of transport, as well as transfers, for a total time of 30 minutes after validation for CZK 24 for adults, or 90 minute tickets offering the same ease of use and flexibility for CZK 32 for adults for a total of 90 minutes after validation. Longer term tickets are available for adults for CZK 110 for 24 hours, CZK 310 for 72 hours, and monthly, quarterly, and annual passes are also available. Reduced fare categories include children from 6- 15 years of age, juniors, students, and seniors between 60 and 70 years of age. Tickets can be purchased in “tabak” stores, some “potraviny” or mini markets, and at all metro stations, as well as select tram stops. Tickets can also be purchased by sms/text message unless you use your mobile phone on a rechargeable credit system. Tickets absolutely must be validated before entering the metro, or immediately upon entering a bus or tram. Fines are steep and ticket checkers have little sympathy. Prague's public transportation is considered to be very safe, except for the occasional pickpocket which you should take precautions against, and very reliable with delays or strikes being very rare. Prague residents typically avoid driving in the city-center, knowing that with ease and speed they can be transported to various corners of the city at a low price in comfort and now in style, with the newest tram models having been designed by the Porsche Design Group. Losing points only for handicap accessibility, Prague's public transportation company DPP is making great strides to remedy this situation with the addition of the new low-floor accessible trams by Porsche, and buses which feature wheelchair-accessible adaptations and design, as well as inclined or vertical lifts for wheelchairs and strollers at many metro stations. Although not all metro stations have elevators installed, the ones that are accessible are clearly marked on transportation maps and easy to find. For further information see

  • Prague Public Transportation | Metro Platform Prague Metro

    Prague's underground metro is efficient, fast, clean, safe, and easy to navigate. With frequent trains coming anywhere from every 90 seconds during peak hours to every 8 minutes on weekends and holidays, and inexpensive tickets ranging from CZK 24 for 30 minutes or CZK 32 for 90 minutes to CZK 550 for a monthly pass, you really can't go wrong. Serving around one and a half million passengers per day to make it the most-used subway system per-capita in the...

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  • Prague Public Transportation | Trams Prague Trams

    Prague's tram system has been running smoothly since the first horse-drawn tram in 1875. Aided by electricity since 1891, trams today include everything from historic Tram 91 - the “tourist tram”, to the modern high-speed tram running from Hlubočepy to Barrandov, and every variation in between. Prague's intricate web of tram lines is easily the largest in the Czech Republic, and encompasses not only the downtown areas of Prague, but is the primary public transportation link in many outlying areas...

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  • Prague Buses | Public Transportation Prague Buses

    After a short stint of less than two years between 1908 and 1909, when buses were briefly used, bus travel within the capital city of prague was long considered unnecessary due to the excellent tram system. However, this changed in 1925 with the establishment of the Vršovice- Záběhlice line, heralding the current era of using buses as an integral and important form of public transportation within Prague itself. The most modern Prague buses now feature low-floors for easy wheelchair and...

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  • Airport Bus | Prague Public Transportation Public Transport to and from Václav Havel Airport

    It is relatively easy to get to and from the airport in Prague, and takes approximately one hour via bus and metro. After you arrive simply go to the bus stop that is located in the airport parking lot, directly outside the arrivals hall; you need to take bus number 119. The bus runs approximately every 5 -10 minutes and it takes about 15 minutes to get from the airport to the Nádraží Veleslavín Metro Station (green line). Do not...

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  • Pendolino Train | Czech Republic | Photo by Jan Groh Rail Transport in the Czech Republic

    From Prague you can get not only to various parts of the Czech Republic and abroad by train, but sometimes it is more convenient to use train connections to get from one stop in Prague to another, especially when your departure or destination stop is on the outskirts of the city. Traveling by train in Prague and Czech Republic is quite easy, although it may take more patience from your side as especially long-distance trains operated by České Dráhy, the...

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  • Ferryboat on the Vltava River | Prague Ferryboat Trips on the Vltava River

    The beautiful city of Prague boasts the winding snake-like Vltava River, a wide river that cuts the city in half and which awards perfect views of this splendid city of one hundred spires. The best part about the ferryboats that zip across the Vltava River is that they belong to the city’s transportation system, making them the most affordable boat rides Prague has to offer. For the price of 32 CZK you will receive 75 minutes of magical river time...

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  • Petřín Funicular | Prague  | Author: Lukyn.v Petřín Funicular

    If you just so happen to be wandering about in the Lesser Quarter of Prague, you simply do not want to miss the lovely and lush Petřín Hill and the Petřín Hill Funicular. The Petřín Hill Funicular is a funicular railway in the center of Prague that connects Mala Strana (or the Lesser Quarter) with the top of the beautiful Petřín Hill where you can find the Petřín Hill Tower, the Mirror Maze, splendid rose gardens, lookout points, pathways, churches,...

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