Tattoo and Body Piercing Studios in Prague

Getting a tattoo is a serious decision, one that will be visible and stay with you for the rest of your life. In this day in age body modification has become a thing of the norm and everywhere you look you can find people from every walk of life sporting body piercings and colorful ink creations that they either designed themselves or sought the skilled drawing skills of a tattoo artist to design the image for them. Prague has a variety of tattoo parlors with skilled, hygienic and professional tattoo artists and body piercers who are ready to assist you with your tattoo and piercing creations.

  • Studio Alien | Tattoo Tattoo Studio Alien

    Located in the labyrinth of cobblestone lanes that make up the romantic Old Town district of Prague is the hip Studio Alien, a tattoo and piercing salon. Situated among a string of tourist shops and restaurants, it is almost refreshing to find something so real and alternative culturally. Studio Alien is a professional, hygienic and comfortable salon where you can choose from over 10,000 prepared tattoo motifs including tribal, Old School, New School, fantasy, biomechanics and more. The aim of...

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  • One Love Tattoo | Old Town | Prague One Love Tattoo

    One Love Tattoo is a traditional tattoo parlor situated in the heart of Old Town and located on Tynska Street, a magical cobblestone lane that leads to the gorgeous Gothic Tyn Church and is a stone’s through from Old Town Square. If you are searching for a hygienic, professional tattoo parlor with talented, highly skilled international tattoo artists with years of worldwide experience, then One Love Tattoo is just for you. The regular artists at One Love Tattoo are Tarlito...

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  • Bloody Blue Tattoo | Prague Bloody Blue Tattoo

    Opened in 2002 in Prague’s New Town and in Zizkov, Bloody Blue Tattoo is a popular and hygienic tattoo parlor that offers tattoo and piercing services. The talented, highly skilled tattoo and piercing artists can do any kind of tattoo or piercing you wish for and will also retouch or cover up old tattoos. Bloody Blue Tattoo also features an extensive variety of quality piercing jewelry to choose from, you will be pleasantly surprised by the selection. Bloody Blue Tattoo...

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  • Magic Tattoo | Tattoo Studio in Prague Magic Tattoo

    If you are searching for a trustworthy and expert tattoo studio in Prague, head to Magic Tattoo – just a few steps away from the I. P. Pavlova metro station. At Magic Tattoo you can have a tattoo designed for you that will be unique and will correspond to your personality and preferences or you can get inspiration from some of the ready-made motifs available. If you have a clear idea of exactly what your tattoo should look like, you...

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  • Aries Tattoo | Tattoos in Prague Aries Tattoo

    Located on bustling Dlouha Street that leads to the famous Old Town Square is Aries Tattoo. This alternative store is the place to go to for all forms of body modification, whether it is for a tattoo, new hairstyle (Aries Tattoo provides alternative hairstyles using only Redken and Directions professional hairstyling products and specializes in extravagant hairstyles such as dreadlocks and wild, bold dye jobs) or a piercing. Aries Tattoo parlor has been open for years and is operated by...

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