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Probably everyone is from time to time in need of services of tradesmen such as electricians, heating technicians, construction workers and the like. For these cases it pays off to follow the experience of your friends, acquaintances and colleagues and contact reliable tradesmen. If you are dealing with an emergency situation, telephone numbers of reliable tradesmen of various specializations may become handy – and this is why we have created this Prague-Stay section called Tradesmen in Prague. Here you will find tips for companies providing comprehensive services in the area of household maintenance. Whether you are experiencing a leaking tap, clogged drainpipe or another problem, it always pays off to know who to turn to.

  • Šikovný Muž | Prague Šikovný muž – Husband for Hire

    The list of works that the husband for hire service by ŠikovnýMuž.cz operating in Prague and its vicinity has on offer is quite extensive. If you therefore do not feel like repairing a dripping faucet or you do not have anyone skilful enough around you then there is nothing easier than contacting ŠikovnýMuž.cz [Skillful Man]. ŠikovnýMuž.cz specializes in the assembly and installation of kitchen units and kitchen appliances, water and sewage connection and the like, but he will cope very...

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  • AAA – Emergency Technical Service | Prague AAA – Emergency Technical Service

    If a problem occurs at your household that needs to be solved without delay, it is necessary to have on hand a telephone number of a company that will react fast to your call and come in the quickest time possible. Such a company is AAA - Záchranná technická služba [Emergency technical service] providing emergency service for Prague and central Bohemia. AAA – Záchranná technická služba provides 24-hour service in the following fields: plumbing, electricity, heating, gas, glazing service, locksmithing,...

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  • Husband for Hire | Prague Hodinový manžel

    Thanks to the Hodinový manžel (Husband for hire) service you can solve smaller repairs that you may not think of hiring a company to handle. These are comprehensive services in the areas of house, apartment, cottage or office maintenance, such as changing light bulbs, assembling furniture, lawn mowing, chandelier hanging, cleaning and much more. If you do not have enough free time to deal with these things or you simply do not dare to do them, there is nothing easier...

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  • Aquaplumb | Plumbers in Prague Aquaplumb

    The Prague-based company Aquaplumb leans on its long-term experience in plumbing, gas and heating services. Aquaplumb provides sewerage and water system cleaning, water pipe network installation, supply and installation of bathtubs, washbasins, toilets, washing machines, dryers, sinks and the like. The company also offers repairs of heating, connection of gas appliances, repairs and installations of boilers, as well as electricity works such as replacement of light fixtures, outlets and revisions. In case of a failure you will certainly welcome its...

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  • Husband for Hire – Bytový Servis Praha Husband for Hire – Bytový Servis Praha, s.r.o.

    Nowadays when everyone is very busy and rushing all the time, one has very little time for household maintenance and the variety small projects that are easy to put off til later. If you therefore keep postponing hanging a shelf on the wall, changing that hard-to-reach light bulb, or if you need some help installing a new appliance or assembling a new bookcase, do not hesitate to contact the Hodinový Manžel (Husband for Hire) service operated by Bytový Servis Praha,...

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