Construction Companies in Prague

If you are going to reconstruct your house or apartment or make any other construction changes, you will certainly need to choose a professional construction company that will provide quality work. It is also good to have a large selection to choose from and that is why here at Prague-Stay we are presenting construction companies in Prague providing bricklaying work such as construction, reconstruction and repair work, as well as laying of wall and floor tiles and plasterboard. Construction companies in Prague will provide comprehensive services from project documentation and architectural services to project implementation, which will save you a lot of worries and time.

  • Prima Building | Green Office Space PrimaBuilding

    Founded in 2012, PrimaBuilding is a reputable company that provides an array of services in the field of energy certification of buildings and building energy ratings (which directly determines the property's energy efficiency and power consumption and the expected amount of expenses for operating the housing), plus comprehensive services related to construction projects, project management, construction supervision, management and coordination of suppliers. Although the company was only founded in 2012 it enjoyed immediate success, due to the fact that the...

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  • Karomaz | Construction Companies in Prague Karomaz Construction Company

    Karomaz has been in business in the Czech Republic since 1990. At that time it was offering tile, painting and masonry work. Over the course of time and by collecting experience while reconstructing apartments and family houses the company portfolio of services increased thanks to its cooperation with many experienced tradesmen, as a result of which the company is now able to provide a complete range of services such as masonry, tile and plasterboard work, and with the help of...

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  • Ladislav Neubauer | Construction Companies in Prague Ladislav Neubauer Construction

    If you are going to reconstruct your house and fear that you will have to call many companies and order several various tradesmen in order to get the result you want, we have a simple solution for you. Contact the Ladislav Neubauer Construction Company – they will provide everything for your project, from the beginning to end. You do not need to order a house painter, a mason, and another tradesman to lay flooring for you, because all these services...

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  • Frantisek Soucek | Construction Companies in Prague František Souček

    The František Souček Company is based in Prague, but extends its service to the surrounding area and to the towns of Kolín, Poděbrady and Chlumec nad Cidlinou, and has twelve years of experience in the construction business and with plasterboard work. The František Souček Company specializes in the installation of plasterboard and plasterboard constructions by producers Knauf and Rigips and makes ceilings, dividing walls, lofts, niches, decorative elements and much more. František Souček also provides installation of heat and sound...

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  • Stavosen | Construction Companies in Prague Stavosen

    If you are looking for a company that will create your dream project, reconstruction, loft conversion or other construction work, contact the Stavosen – Prague 9 Reconstruction Company that has been operating throughout the whole of central Bohemia for over eight years. Stavosen provides construction work including construction of family houses, bathroom remodeling, reconstructions, loft conversions, insulation, repairs of brickwork and bricklaying work. Besides that it also offers project planning and property and garden maintenance. Stavosen uses materials and products...

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