Plumbers in Prague

Clogged drains, a dripping faucet, installation of a boiler, breakdowns and emergencies of sewage, but often also related tiling and bricklaying work are a piece of cake for an experienced plumber. Here at we are offering to you the services of plumbers in Prague who provide quality and professional plumbing work. These plumbers can cope with unpleasant emergency situations the solution of which bears no delay, as well as with bathroom reconstructions, revisions and maintenance of water supply systems. Plumbers in Prague are presented here in brief reviews with contact information and maps.

  • Instalace Novotný Praha | Plumbing Companies in Prague Instalace Novotný Praha

    Comprehensive services in the area of plumbing, sewage and drain cleaning and much more are offered in Prague and its vicinity by the Instalace Novotný Praha Company located in Vyšehrad. This Prague company provides all plumbing and heating services including installations, repairs, reconstructions and maintenance of pipe water and sewage systems, installation of radiators, boilers and their exchange for old appliances. The company's portfolio of services also includes minor bricklaying and tile laying work, reconstructions of sanitary units, painting and...

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  • ABC instalatéři Praha | Plumbers in Prague ABC instalatéři Praha

    Plumbing and heating services plus drain and sewer cleaning mainly in Prague and the central Bohemia region are provided by ABC instalatéři Praha. The company provides also 24/7 emergency home repair service in all these fields. All these activities are performed by ABC instalatéři Praha with the help of the newest technologies and quality machines and tools. The ABC instalatéři Praha team members are proud of their quality work always performed promptly and for reasonable prices. In case of an...

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  • Miroslav Karpíšek - Čistič Viktor | Plumbing in Prague Miroslav Karpíšek – Čistič Viktor

    The Miroslav Karpíšek – Čistič Viktor plumbing company based in Prague's Zbraslav offers comprehensive service in sewerage cleaning and plumbing services. Whether you are dealing with an emergency situation or looking for someone to make a revision or maintenance of your sewer, the Miroslav Karpíšek – Čistič Viktor Company is the expert in this field. For sewerage cleaning only the newest available means are used. The company offers also services in related fields, such as tiling, bricklaying, heating and plumbing...

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  • Aquaplumb | Plumbers in Prague Aquaplumb

    The Prague-based company Aquaplumb leans on its long-term experience in plumbing, gas and heating services. Aquaplumb provides sewerage and water system cleaning, water pipe network installation, supply and installation of bathtubs, washbasins, toilets, washing machines, dryers, sinks and the like. The company also offers repairs of heating, connection of gas appliances, repairs and installations of boilers, as well as electricity works such as replacement of light fixtures, outlets and revisions. In case of a failure you will certainly welcome its...

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  • Hruška Plumbery | Plumbers in Prague Hruška Plumbery

    If you're looking for a plumber whose quality work you can rely on, turn to the Hruška Plumbery based in Prague 4. Hruška Plumbery offers quality installation of water distribution pipelines, manual and machine drainage cleaning, complete reconstruction of ascending pipes, dealing with repairs, failures and accidents and other plumbing works. Besides plumbing works, the company also provides minor construction works including laying of tiles and paves, complete reconstructions of sanitary units and more. Hruška Plumbery will supply all the...

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