Museum of the Capital City of Prague

Located in the bustling city center of Prague in the business district of Florenc is the Museum of the Capital City of Prague. The museum itself is a bit hidden as it is situated under a massive highway built by the Communists, however, it is worth finding as it contains a super model of Prague that represents Old Town and Lesser Town from 1826 – 1837. This large, whimsical model is so intricate and detailed that you could at once imagine yourself living amongst its cobblestone streets and historical houses with their lovely facades. If you wish to find out more about Prague, also known as the Mother City then a trip to the Museum of the Capital City of Prague is a good place to start. The permanent collection will help you to realize the history of the city that has been the political, cultural and economic center for its people for over 1,000 years. Prague, an alpha-world city and one of the worlds most popular tourist destinations deserves the recognition it receives. As one of the most beautiful places you will ever lay your eyes on, Prague never disappoints and always inspires. At the Museum of the Capital City of Prague you can find displays on Prague in the Middle Ages, Prague in the period of the Přemyslid clan and Luxembourgian kings (1230 - 1437), High Middle Ages Prague, the turn of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance era (1434 – 1620), Baroque Prague (where you can find an impressive array of works of art, pictures documenting the city, ecclesiastical objects, etc.) and Prague during the two world wars. Of course you simply must not miss Langweil’s model of Prague as mentioned before. There is also a unique 3D projection of the model (only with Czech commentary) and an exhibition for children titled ‘Welcome to a Medieval House’. The Museum of the Capital City of Prague comprises also various Prague towers, the Villa Müller, the Podskalí customs house, and Ctěnice chateau.

Na Poříčí 52/1554, Praha 8, +420 224 816 772–3, 

Address: Na Poříčí 52/1554, Praha 8

In the Neighborhood

  • Close to the Museum of the Capital City of Prague is the Vitkov Memorial .

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