Sweetlife Bakery

Sweetlife Bakery, a family run establishment, has two locations in the gorgeous city of Prague. The bakers and pastry chefs at Sweetlife bakery have experience in the Czech Republic and abroad and specialize in American, Czech and international sweets that are sure to please even the most demanding sweet tooth. The goal of the bakery is to mix baking traditions with new culinary methods together with international knowledge, all in order to make perfectly delectable sweet creations. Sweetlife Bakery uses the freshest ingredients of the highest quality and original recipes. The bakery does not use any additives to prolong the freshness of their products ensuring that you are not ingesting any unnecessary chemicals. Delicious goods to be found at Sweetlife Bakery include cheesecake, carrot cake, cookies, brownies, gingerbread, specialized birthday and occasion cakes made to order, tiramisu, pies, strudels, quiches, muffins and much more. Visit Sweetlife Bakery and taste all the traditional sweetness in their baked goods that are receiving rave reviews in the culinary world of Prague. If you are planning a birthday celebration, Sweetlife Bakery will deliver a birthday cake and desserts to your home.

Řipská 1144/3, Praha 10, +420 603 828 847, www.sweetlife.cz 

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Address: Řipská 1144/3, Praha 10

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