Lulu Newman

Are you redecorating your flat or house or simply building from scratch and need inspiration for your new living space? If so, you need an experienced interior decorator who will create an unforgettable, unique space – look no further than Lulu Newman. Lulu Newman believes that the space that one lives in is as important as water, which should be both relaxing and pure. This belief is evident in Lulu Newman’s projects that are all clean, stylish and functional. The tasteful and attractive interiors feature an array of materials including various types of wood, colors, forms and shapes, all blended together to create a natural and fun environment and atmosphere where you will feel energized and happy. In Lulu Newman’s interiors you will find a mixture of well known design furniture and accessories combined with her own furniture and accessory design pieces. Lulu Newman designs all types of spaces such as flats, individual rooms, houses, offices and more. If you wish for a stylish interior that will make you happy and content for years to come, Lulu Newman is the interior designer for you! Please visit the user-friendly Lulu Newman website listed below to see more of her lovely interior design projects. 

Sokolovska 112/56, Praha 8, +420 602 464 803,

Address: Sokolovska 112/56, Praha 8

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