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In the hip Prague 5 café Kava Kava Kava not only can you sip on delicious coffee drinks and eat tasty treats, you can also learn English and Czech on a nightly basis, starting at only 70 CZK an hour. These informal, fun conversation classes not only will help you fine tune your language skills, they will also introduce you to international friends in a comfortable non-threatening environment where even the shyest person will feel encouraged to speak. It’s fast and easy to sign up, you only need to register online, pay a 100 CZK reservation fee and you are ready to learn and to speak Czech or English! Once you are a member you will be able to access Jazykava’s interactive schedule online and you can see who is teaching nightly, the topic and levels of the classes (Levels range from complete beginners to upper level students) and the materials you need. There are many reasons why Jazykava is successful – the price is right, classes are attended on pre-bought tickets so you don’t loose any money if you can’t make it on a certain time - in other words, you control your learning schedule, the location of the cafe is central, if you buy tickets in bulk you will receive a discount and last but not least, students of Jazykava also receive discounts on special Kava Kava Kava products. Teachers and staff of Jazykava have years of experience and are professionally trained. For further information please search for Kava Kava Kava Coffee (Andel) on Facebook. 

Lidická 42, Praha 5, +420 777 680 016, +420 608 904 290, www.jazykava.cz



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