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Intermezzo’s School of Interior Design in Prague is designated for all those who are interested in interior design, new trends in housing and decorating, as well as in the history and development of individual styles. The founder of the school is the interior designer Jana Hradecká, the owner of the Intermezzo Design Studio. At the Interior Design School Intermezzo you will not only study theories but also practice and you can even acquire your first client here. You can rely on an individual approach in the school’s friendly environment, as there is a maximum of eight students per group. The School of Interior Design is designated for all those who want to become professionals and offer their services to clients, as well as for those who would like to use the acquired knowledge for their own needs and decorate their own home in style also thanks to an easier orientation on the local market. Interior Design Intermezzo is the first school of interior design that has acquired accreditation from the Czech Ministry of Education. Anyone older than 18 years can enroll in the courses regardless of their educational background, it is only important that students are interested in interior design and furthering their development of creative skills. Interior Design School Intermezzo offers short-term courses such as Colors in the Interior, Decorating the Interior, 3D Visualizations, Feng Shui for Interior designers, Working with a Client and many others, as well as long-term courses. A diploma course takes 9 months, a certification course half a year. For more information on individual courses and the earliest starting dates of courses see the website of Interior Design School at

Vítkova 439/21, Praha 8, +420 286 857 148,


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