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Home Staging Academy

The Home Staging Academy offers a wide range of daily and distance courses and seminars in the fields of interior design and home staging. Its aim is to prepare its students for opening a business in these fields and for possible related pitfalls. Courses are taught by experts with many years of practice whose precious experience will certainly be appreciated by any student. Individual courses can be arbitrarily combined, as their topics are freely related. The courses offered include Basics of Home Staging, Colors in the Interior/Color Psychology, Interior Decoration, Space Planning/Ergonomics, Convincing and Professional Communication with Client and many more. The selection of courses will be tailored to your professional focus and demands. The interior designer Jitka Kobzová who has more than 20 years of experience in the field from abroad founded the Home Staging Academy in 2010. She studied interior design among others at the London Academy for Art Design and home staging at the British Academy of Home Staging. She is a member of several globally acknowledged professional organizations including The Home Staging Network. If you have decided to further your professional career and wish to be more fully involved in the disciplines of home staging and interior design, do not hesitate and apply for one of the courses at the Home Staging Academy.

U Měšťanského pivovaru 799/6, Praha 7, +420 734 501 227, www.akademiehomestagingu.cz


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