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Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT)

The Czech Technical University in Prague is the oldest non-military technical university in the world. The studies are organized at different faculties and institutes, in bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs. The technical university is now divided into eight technically-focused faculties. The continuing education classes are extremely popular for all ages; these classes are aimed at retirees or other people who simply want to learn something extra besides their daily work. Studying and research opportunities at the university are also offered at three specialized technical institutes and units. The university's students are sent to study and experience abroad, which markedly improves their labor market competitiveness, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Even though it is a technically oriented university, students here can also take part in a number of other activities, which include the University Choir or Chamber and Symphony Orchestra. An integral part of a student life at the Technical University is becoming a member of different student organizations, which brings together students in many diverse areas, like culture, sports or international relations and exchange.  

Zikova 4, Praha 6 , www.cvut.cz


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