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Operated by the American Embassy in Prague is the Library at the American Center. If you are searching for a wide selection of English books to read, this is the place with the best selection of English books available. Everyone knows that the selection of English books is okay in Prague, however if you wish to purchase English language books the prices can be quite steep. One of the best ways to avoid overpaying for English books is to visit the Library at the American Center. The library has over 1,000 books to read or browse through onsite. The majority of the books deal with American culture and life including a large amount on foreign policy, diplomacy and security issues. All of the books can be read or photocopied for free in the center. The Library at the American Center also features encyclopedias and photography books plus individual video-units are available for films and documentaries. One of the top reasons to visit this library is to search their up-to-date selection of US published magazines and journals including popular and scientific publications. The American Center also offers a cultural and educational program that includes movies, exhibitions, discussions, lectures and more. Whether you are missing American culture, planning a trip to America or simply wish to know more about the culture of the United States, the Library at the American Center is worth visiting time and time again.

Tržiště 13 (1st floor), Praha 1, +420 257 530 640, 


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