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Prague Multicultural Center Library

Visit the Prague Multicultural Center and open doors to the world! If you are interested in different cultures, intercultural coexistence and communication, ethnic minorities and refugees you might already be familiar with the positive work and activities accomplished and organized by the Prague Multicultural Center. This accomplished civil association aims at providing priceless information to the general public about ethnic groups in the Czech Republic and around the world as well. Besides organizing lectures, discussions and exhibitions, the center runs a public library, which focuses on these issues. The Prague Multicultural Center Library is located in Lucerna Palace and boasts over 2,400 titles from a range of topics from religion to mythology, intercultural relations, human rights, minority rights, rights of women, gender issues, immigration, refugees and antidiscrimination policies. The books can be browsed through and read on site or borrowed to read in the comfort of your home. Books are offered mainly in Czech and English but select titles can be found in Roma, Slovak, German and Spanish. The center also offers movies, documentaries, newspapers and magazines, all of which are organized in a comprehensive online catalogue. A yearly membership costs only CZK 50. If you wish to learn more about the world in which you live, visit the Prague Multicultural Center and become a true citizen of the world.

Vodičkova 36 (Palác Lucerna), Praha 1, +420 296 325 345,  


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