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Offering over 5,000 books, videos, DVDs, CDs and more in Czech and English the Prague Christian Library is convenient for those interested in accessing rich literature about Christianity. The idea to create such a library came from Willard Black, who in 1990 after the fall of Communism recognized the deficiency of Christian sources in the Czech Republic and set about opening a library for the general public. In 1997 Black’s idea was made a reality by Jim and Laurie Barnes who together founded the Prague Christian Library as an independent institution situated between Olsanske Square and Flora. In order to borrow some of the books or media you must pay a registration fee of 300 CZK per year (discounts are available for students, pensioners and the disabled). All of the library’s material is available for browsing in a comprehensive online catalogue, however the staff members will also be happy to assist you as well. Books and media can be borrowed for three weeks with the option of extensions on most materials. If you wish to better understand one of the pillars of Western civilization, this is one of the best places to start!

Baranova 32, Praha 3, +420 222 724 856,  


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