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Established in 2001, Czech Language Training continues to impress students with its top quality Czech courses for foreigners. With these years of experience Czech Language Training has developed a specific training system for students that lets them achieve maximum progress in a short period of time. Czech Language Training teaches entirely in Czech for foreigners at every level without mixing any other language into the lessons, and it works like a charm; all of the equipment, facilities, teaching materials and methods are specialized for Czech tutoring. Czech Language Training offers 30 different courses every month, the highest number of Czech classes per month in a language school in Prague. To keep things simple, intimate and efficient, the school only offers a course for up to six students, ensuring that the student to teacher relationship is a sturdy and personal one. Unique to language courses in Prague, at Czech Language Training students always enroll one month in advance (payment also only for one month in advance, so you do not end up paying for six months of lessons you do not want to attend), in case you do not want to, or somehow cannot, continue with your course. Because of this students can also change their course schedule, intensity or type of class after each month. If you happen to miss a lesson, the tutors at Czech Language Training will send an e-mail containing the content of the missed lesson with a homework assignment, guaranteeing you will not fall too far behind. As many extra-added bonuses, Czech Language Training offers individual pronunciation lessons by elocution expert PhD. Kateřina Romaševská, free Internet and notebook use, Wi-Fi connection, discounts on all textbooks, Czech movies on DVD with English subtitles and a library for students, plus refreshments. Czech Language Training also offers courses for children, corporate lessons, and courses for Slavic speaking students,as well as special prep courses for the Czech Language Exam Level A1 (requirement for permanent residency), and more. Make CLT your go-to Czech language institute today!

Seifertova 47, Praha 3, +420 222 713 270, +420 737 110 287, 


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