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Services provided by the Well-Balanced Studio include Feng Shui consultancy service, astro-psychological analysis, breathing exercises and more, and can be summed up under the terms Feng Shui and Wellness. The aim of the Well-Balanced Studio, as its name suggests, is to teach its clients to perceive their lives differently and in a better way, to reach a balance between their psyche and body and to use changes in nature to their benefit. With the help of the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui the Well-Balanced Studio will help you create a balanced and positive environment in your home or office. If you yourself prefer to be an expert on creating a harmonious space for living, you can enroll in the studio's Feng Shui courses. The studio also holds lectures on eastern philosophy, religion, and understanding of man, the human body and food. Astro-psychology consultations are provided not only to individuals, but also to couples, and you can also have your European horoscope compared with your Chinese horoscope. The Well-Balanced Studio can recommend breathing exercises based on the ancient Chinese discipline of Yang-sheng and which will help you cultivate your inner energy. The founder of the Well-Balanced Studio is Tatjana Micić, a graduate and lecturer at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague, where she studied philology and philosophy. The location of the Well-Balanced Studio is in fact Tatjana Micić’s home, as she believes in welcoming people into a pleasant and atmospheric home, not a cold and nondescript office. In her practice she has been relying on the experience she gained from her stay in China, where she studied the eastern art of Feng Shui from Chinese masters and studied eastern cultures, philosophy and religions that put emphasis on a healthy and balanced lifestyle as a main prevention of all diseases. All consultations and courses, all of which are also available in English, are held at various places such as in companies or rented spaces, as well as in Micić’s home. If your interest in the Eastern philosophies and culture is strong, you may also want to consider Chinese language lessons at the Well-Balanced Studio. It is also interesting to note that at the Well-Balanced Studio in Prague you can purchase high quality freshwater cultured pearls and jade in different colors, shapes and sizes used in necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Pearls and jade are symbols of opposite principles including heaven and earth, the sun and the moon, yin and yang and husband and wife. These principles are inseparable yet hardly balanced, and the Well-Balanced Studio can help you to achieve the proper balance between the two. The Well-Balanced Studio also offers gorgeous bracelets and pendants made from bright, cheerful glass from the fabled island of Murano in Venice. This handmade jewelry was created based on Renaissance models and will brighten and energize any outfit, as well as any mood!

Švédská 21, Praha 5, +420 608 123 288, www.well-balanced.cz


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