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Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague is a renowned public university with a long tradition and great reputation. It consists of the Theater Faculty (DAMU), Film and TV School (FAMU) and the Music and Dance Faculty (HAMU), thus covering all areas of cultural life. The academic staff consists of highly trained professionals, who have earned their reputation as experts in their fields. They serve not only Czech students, but also foreigners, who subsequently represent the Czech Republic in all spheres of cultural life all around the world. Each of the Academy's faculties offers its students not only high-level classes, but also the possibility to be actively in touch with viewers, listeners and theater visitors. In the framework of the Film and TV School the students can be actively involved in the so-called FAMU Studio, whose main task is providing practical training for FAMU students and also providing facilities for foreign students in the international programs and workshops organized by FAMU. DISK, the school theater, which offers theater space for students is very popular with students and locals alike making it easily comparable to leading Czech theater scenes. Graduate students of the Academy of Performing Arts continue to perform international theater pieces that are frequented and applauded by a broad audience.  

Malostranské Náměstí 12, Praha 1, 


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