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Anna Marešová

Anna Marešová, a most successful Czech designer, carries out her work on several platforms, with the first being the Prague-based Studio Anna Marešová Designers, which is led by – as the name suggests – the founder, Anna, and operated by a select team of product and graphic designers. The studio offers a complex range of services connected to the field of applied industrial design, including detailed background research, initial sketches, simple models, prototyping, overall product technical solutions, presentation, and product distribution. Established in 2012, the studio has cooperated with a large number of companies and individuals, creating an abundance of visually attractive, ecological, and functional product solutions. Have a look at the official website (listed below) to see the whole portfolio of the projects carried out by the designer team led by Anna Marešová. Since 2013, the brand, also founded by Anna Marešová, has been the main client of the studio. specializes in the design and production of erotic toys of the highest quality, which are characterized by a huge emphasis on hygiene, functionality, simplicity, and an overall purity of form. Vibrators and Venus balls designed by Anna Marešová have received a lot of media attention, as well as many awards – one of their classical vibrators, featuring a sophisticated set of three vibration motors positioned throughout the body, was awarded with the Red Dot 2016 international prize and won three categories at the A'Design Award & Competition in 2017. As the author says, the erotic toys juice up your sex life significantly, and, at the same time, help women build up their pelvic floor muscles, which also brings other benefits. Anna Marešová studied product design at the Faculty of Art and Design at the University in Ústí nad Labem and at the University of Derby. She received several awards during her university years, including the Prestige Award at the Biennial of Industrial Design BIO 22 and the National Prize for Student Design in 2011. Moreover, she was nominated twice for the Czech Grand Design award in the Discovery of the Year category. Studio Anna Marešová Designers collaborated on the T3 Coupé project, redesigning the legendary T3 tram. The special T3 Coupé tram with its open rear section will be introduced at Designblok 2018. Last but not least, Marešová is engaged in the field of sustainable design, bringing old, often needless things back to life.

Kamenická 37, Praha 7, +420 731 969 519,, 


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