Galerie 22 | Art Deco Table
Galerie 22 | Classicist Writing Desk
Galerie 22 | 19th Century Cabinet
Galerie 22 | Biedermeier Writing Desk
Galerie 22 | Functionalist Cabinet
Galerie 22 | 20th Century Dressing Table
Galerie 22 | 19th Century Chair

Galerie 22

Located in bustling New Town is Galerie 22, an antique boutique specializing in antique furniture and art from the 1920s on but which mainly offers a lovely array of unique Art Deco furniture and accessories. Galerie 22 is operated by Petr Smaha and Pavel Feigl, connoisseurs and collectors of beautiful relics of the past who have for many years collected Art Deco designs from all over Europe, namely France, the Benelux countries and of course, from their beautiful homeland of Bohemia. Art Deco furniture and design represents the wonderful Jazz Age era, the grand roaring 1920s where prosperity and hope forever changed style, design, architecture and culture by incorporating elegant, pure lines, harmonic proportions, bold colors and geometric ornaments with exotic new materials such as woods, ivory, nephrite and more. The duo has collected gorgeous works of not only Art Deco but also Biedermeier, Classicist, Functionalist, Empire, etc. furniture and accessories that include three piece bedroom sets, tables, wall units, office furniture, dining room sets, chandeliers, lamps, mirrors and much more. The majority of the furniture comes from exclusive small production series, ensuring world-class quality and the best workmanship. Galerie 22 is proud to boast real antique furniture gems in their collection including works by the world famous Josef Gočár, Adolf Loos, Pavel Janák, Jindřich Halabala or the well-known workshops Wiener Werkstätte, UP Plants, and Bauhaus. Galerie 22 not only sells wonderful pieces of antique furniture, they also assist in restoring antique pieces (with over 20 years of restoration experience you can be sure to count on them), provides professional consultations about investing in antiques and art, offers interior design for personal homes or theater / film purposes, export services, renting of furniture and much more.

Husitská 22, Praha 3, +420 22 717 633, 


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